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The traditional and authentic Cantonese menus of some exotic varieties of dimsums have been brought to life only at the award winning “China House” of Grand Hyatt Mumbai. I need not even mention about the grand quotient of the meal, since it has been introduced by a brand that stands in sync with innovation, excellence and grand experience when it comes to food. China House has been my one and only destination to savor some authentic Chinese food every now and then for a long time now. So I was super kicked when I heard about their latest introduction of yet another innovative and authentic Chinese menu called Yumcha Lunch that is on right upto June 2016.

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This time around, Grand Hyatt Mumbai has come up with an exotic and devouring Cantonese menu called the “YUMCHA” that is famous in many regions of China as a quick and healthy dimsums brunch option that is served alongside hot cuppas of traditional Jasmine tea from China. Cantonese speaking people are known to avoid oily and fried food items, so rest assured that the Yumcha lunch is all about keeping in sync with the healthy brunch options. And the Chefs have specially whipped up some mini fried potions of dim-sums just to cover all varieties and make each and every dim-sum lover not only happy but they are bound to send you to what I call it as the “DIM-SUMS HEAVEN”. Trust me, you got to drop by and experience for yourself with your families and with your entire gang of friends.

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Firstly the décor and the special separate seating gives one so much privacy for family get-together or office / board meetings. You practically have a closed area at your disposal, which is rare, and of such great help. As you browse through the options from 30 plus authentic dimsums menu, a traditional jasmine tea in small cups will refresh you within seconds. If you are a tea lover like me, then you are going to have conversations about the Chinese tea and its benefits. We started off with some small portions of fish and chicken dumplings, leading upto the vast and amazing veg-dimsums and then the rice and noodles mix.

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For those of you who are particular about your dips and the sauces, should know that they are made from scratch in China House kitchen by their expert Chefs and the black bean sauce had no hints of oil and it transported me to the Cantonese household in China. Have a look at their lavish Yumcha lunch menu and pick your favourite as you set aside a date to visit China House with your loved ones. Remember this is available only for lunch hours as the Yumcha menu has been designed to keep you active and not make you feel sleepy post a heavy meal. Apt for your business meets.


Edamame Bean Dumplings With Truffle – If you love Edamame and have been on a kick to try everything that includes these beans, then you cannot miss out on the Edamame Bean Dumplings With Trufle as a part of the Yumcha Lunch in China House. Quick, tasty snack and you will still have enough room for more goodness of the Yumcha.

Spinach Peanut Dumplings – The green /yellow colour you spot in any of the dimsums are all-organic and have been attained using veggies or saffron for the deep yellow tint. For green colour, spinach has been used.The dough coating was so super thin that you can see the fresh and green spinach colour right through it. Super healthy and a treat for the vegetarians since they have so many great options.The crunchy taste of peanuts mixed with your spinach is exemplary.


Zucchini & Asparagus Dumplings – This is yet another unique and an exotic combination of zucchini and asparagus for another traditional vegetarian Yumcha lunch dimsum. I couldn’t tell the taste of asparagus as it has been finely sliced and mixed and the zucchini over powered just right to tingle your taste buds.

Pumpkin Dumplings – Well, for starters this didn’t taste at all like pumpkin and is a fuss-free dumplings dish for the kids too.


Deep Fried Pork Dumplings – These come in mini potions to ensure your Yumcha lunch is light. This is again a big hit with people who love pork. The texture of the fried dumplings feels oil-free as the Chefs ensure to use minimal oil.

Chicken Prawns Sumai – Sumai is the authentic dumpling of chicken and prawns mixture topped with some fish eggs. The crumble of the fish eggs add a different flavour altogether to the chicken-prawns mixture. Goes so well with the black beans sauce.


Chilli And Sea Bass Dumplings – This was officially my personal favourite from the entire lot. P.S. – 2nd helping was called out which lead into the 3rd. Also post the Yumcha lunch when I got down to sit for a quick chat with the head Chef Zang for his take and expertise of the Yumcha goodness, I learnt that the sea bass dumplings are his favourite too! Say whattt!! J

Prawns Rice Roll With Soya Sauce – Prawns cooked to perfection and tossed in a spinach layer and topped with soya sauce for some Indianness to the dish. Lovely combination and lovelier palette.


Chicken Wings With Black Bean Sauce –This is slightly spicy to again suit our Indian taste buds, that goes down exceptionally well with the traditional jasmine tea.

Pork Ribs With Black Bean Sauce– Another option of pork for all the pork lovers in the house cooked in an authentic Cantonese way.


Mixed Mushroom Dumplings – For all the veg fans and the non-veg fans too, this is one power packed healthy lunch option. Nothing like what you have tasted before.

Glutinous Rice Chicken – This is one of the classic dishes served during the Yumcha hours and the sticky / glutinous rice with a mix of chestnuts puts a refreshing Summer spin on the traditional dish.


Singaporean Rice Noodles with chicken and prawns – This is one dish I am sure you all have tasted at some point or other. But to actually taste the authentic Chinese in a grand, grand manner, you got to taste it at China House. The prawns are particularly cooked just right to add a different taste to those extra thin noodles.

Crystal Vegetable Dumplings – A veggie delight and a must try along with the jasmine tea. Love the mix of so many varieties of veggies!


Hainan Fried-Rice With Egg – This is a hearty meal that is so well presented and looks delish. The green gravy on the side along with the eggs mixed with rice in the middle, brings out such a great contrast. Super yum and healthy too! Plus we didn’t feel sleepy or stuffed like how we normally do after eating fried rice.

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The Apple-Cinnamon Green Tea is perfect to quench your Summer thirst and this perfect drink also has a tale to tell. Grand Hyatt Mumbai had held an in-house all department competition to see who comes up with the best Summer friendly ice tea and the winning gang gets to officially include this drink in their menu. So this drink is the winning drink curated by the “Lobby Team”. Kudos for the creativity and the enthusiasm.

Have a look at the Desserts Spread for the Yumcha Lunch :

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Chinese Mango Pudding – Mango pudding with a twist with coconut water. Also this is one dessert that is a big hit in China and perfect to end your Yumcha lunch with.

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Deep Fried Banana Coconut Ice-Cream – Banana Fritters served with coconut ice-cream and vanilla sauce for all you people with sweet tooths. Hot fritters dipped in cold ice-cream!!! Aah perfect mood for a lazy afternoon.

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Deep Fried Sesame Balls – The chocolate filled sesame balls are not over infused with chocolate. Instead, they have chocolate mixed in the dough to add a perfect layer of chocolate mixed with sesame seeds.

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Chef Zang was kind enough to let me in his kitchen and he spoke to me about the healthy Cantonese bites that can be devoured at China House during Yumcha Lunch hours. I am planning a second trip already… Picked your favourites yet??

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