Being independent and fierce has its own challenges but it is rewarding in ways you can’t imagine. For me, it all started when I was a kid and my parents inculcated the habit of being self-reliant and self-dependent from a young age. Whether it meant taking care of my own belongings to and fro from the school bus or packing my own lunch, to tying my own shoelaces, these small moments made me realize how truly happy I get when I depend on no one but myself. I also feel bad for people, especially women of our country who are not given the right opportunity and the right platforms to express themselves and to be able to stand on their own two little feet.

On occasions like these where everyone talks about women empowerment, being independent and leading by example, I think to myself what this world will actually be today if all the girl child’s had equal opportunities and access to education. I personally try to do my bit in every single way that I can and as this is one topic which is very close to my heart. As a style coach and guest lecturer for some of the leading brands that work with me towards grooming and styling the young women of their organisation, I make the most of the platform to inform each and every girl that there is no correct way of being beautiful. Let no one tell you the rights and wrongs, which you need to decide for yourself and if being independent means the guys having to adjust a little so be it. You should only do what makes you truly happy and through that you will eventually find a job or business that reflects your true love and passions. Yes, the path to being independent is filled with doubts, sometimes even self-doubts, hardships, less family time and less sleep but the end result of being able to make your own decisions and run your own WORLD is incomparable.

I can proudly say that I have been fortunate enough to know such independent and strong women starting from my family, friends and few exceptional entrepreneurs that I have known through my blog work. Some have even made their own homes by themselves on their own terms. I know it sounds scary and difficult and the society doesn’t make it easy for us girls but I personally know women who run their homes and businesses and manage their lives on their own terms. After all, a recent study has shown that independent women having self-funded homes are way more than men. I salute the spirit of such strong willed independent women from across the globe. I hope this Women’s Day you celebrate life but more importantly, you celebrate yourself.

I came across some exceptional offers by Wadhwa Group, the group is one of Mumbai’s leading real estate companies and it has offers specially for Women’s Day that not only lets us #IAmEmpowered but helps us bridge that gap between gender inequality. As there would be a higher percentage in women empowerment in the near future, a woman’s role in home buying decision is much more important irrespective of her being a working woman or a homemaker. Today’s woman is smart and confident enough with her decisions. You can now invest smartly towards a secured future through The Wadhwa Group.

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