New Whisper Ultra Soft Launched By Radhika Apte

Whisper Ultra Soft

In times where talking about periods are still considered a taboo and women are still looked down upon when they mention the words like “menstruation” or “periods”. Whisper as a brand has always strives hard to give women the right confidence. This event was super special because one, it made me a part of this unstoppable journey with the launch of the all New Whisper Ultra Soft and also gave me a chance to interact with none other than Radhika Apte as she voiced her opinions about how important it is for us as women and girls to be comfortable in our own skin and be able to go out there and own the world.

Especially in these 5 days of periods, we want to be able to continue with our lives and work the way we usually do without having to worry about anything else. After all, our peace of mind and assurance that my periods’ flow, stain worries, etc are all taken care of, puts our mind at ease and that’s the first step towards being truly unstoppable.

With the launch of this all New Whisper Ultra Soft, every woman can sleep the way she wants, workout the way she wants, continue her yoga, run those chores, shop, plan a date night, be at work, office, commute, in short, be exactly the way she usually is with her routine and life without having to compromise on anything from her schedule.

The New Whisper Ultra Soft is now 2x softer with a wider back that is ideal for a long usage and I am happy that the ultra soft texture helps you avoid any rashes, redness or itchiness. The secret component of Whisper adding the fresh odor free pearls across the surface of the pad, keeps it smelling fresh and odor free too. I have used these pads in the last month and what I liked the most about it are its super drying properties, which is due to the special soft pores spread across the pads that drive liquid straight to the core where it stays locked.

I would like to thank New Whisper Ultra Soft for making me a part of their journey, which empowers us to be who we want to be and finally be UNSTOPPABLE!!!

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