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As soon as you exit the parking of the domestic airport, you cannot miss seeing Taj Santacruz on your left. Firstly it is easily accessible from either sides of the city as it is right on the western express highway. We had recently dropped by at their newly opened China INC restaurant in Taj Santacruz that is a unique and contemporary Chinese dining destination. It is a 74 seater restaurant that comes along with 2 private dining rooms that are just ideal for those private parties or meetings. Few steps into China INC and you will spot a huge dragon hanging from the ceiling that looks so oriental and traditional. It has been made using hand-blown glass and crystal bulbs. That’s the thing with Taj, they will surprise you at every nook and corner to transport you to a place based on a cuisine you select.

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China INC is the first Sichuan Chinese Food speciality restaurant in North Mumbai. Come take a look at some authentic and contemporary Chinese Cuisine that we experienced that night. Before we started this Chinese journey, Chef Nitin introduced to us few ingredients like edamame, soya sheets, etc that we had to guess from all the different recipes that were presented to us during our meal. China INC has combined the contemporary Chinese flavours and put a modern all-time favourites spin on it for the guests to dive into this exquisite cuisine.

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You can pick from a range of 11 speciality teas or go for their signature cocktails of China INC the Szechuan Smash, Golden Spice Apple Pie & Sanlituntini. Each cocktail is made from Chinese ingredients to stir your taste buds and bring you back for more.

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Sichuan Chicken – This is one of the most popular appetizers from the Chinese Cuisine. It is flavoured with Sichaun pepper and is mildly spiced.

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Corn And Asparagus Pearls – A quick and healthy bite that is most enjoyable during summer. A flavourful pop added to your corn and asparagus.

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Skewered Chilli Butter Garlic Prawns – The light zesty favour of garlic adds in some classic taste to the perfectly skewered prawns.


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Spiced Chicken Dumpling – Chinese and authentic dimsums at its best. The fact that one gets to select from a pool of dumsums, says a lot about the China INC menu.

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Steamed Edamame with Truffle Dumpling – This was the ingredient that I got in my basket and it tasted so unique wit the truffle dumpling. A veggie delight for all the veg lovers out there.

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Chilean Sea Bass Dumpling – This is a must have for someone like me who wants to explore and try out something different than your regular Chinese dimsums.

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Spicy Coriander and Vegetable Bao – Bao or baozi are typed of filled buns. Once can opt for chicken or vegetable stuffing as per your choice.

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Crispy Fried Prawn – Simple, elegant and tantalising your taste buds with a crispy prawns Chinese delight.

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Crispy Calamari, Golden roasted garlic – The secret to best crispy calamari is the coating. It has to be cooked to a point where it is fully tender from the inside and crisp on the outside.


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Spicy Lemon Coriander Soup – A herb flavoured tangy soup that included 27+ ingredients all set to blow your minds away.

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Sichuan Poached Chicken – The chicken is carefully poached in herbs and served with Chinese cabbage and shiitake mushrooms. This dish is dairy free and low on carb for all you health conscious ones.

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Chilean Steamed Sea Bass – This has to be hands down my most favourite dish. The Sea Bass is sizzled with ginger, spring onion and chilli. Make way for some authentic spicy food that is perfect for all you fish lovers like me.

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Stir-fried Slice Lamb – The lamb is cooked in Yunnan style with red chillies and Chinese celery. The meat was soft and tender cooked to perfection. I enjoyed the mustard sauce dip with it. It can be quite spicy so be careful if you have a bland palate.

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Home Style Udon Noodles – These make great company for any dish from the above mentioned that has gravy in it. Unlike most noodles these flat noodles were extremely light.


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China INC treats you to some li-smacking desserts in the form of “Batter fried milk cake” and “Chilled Rambutan”. The rambutan took me to the Canal Street in Manhattan’s Chinatown as they accommodate all of the less commonly known fruits.

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China INC of Taj Santacruz is definitely on our must visit list of the dining places in Mumbai. They bring a fresh perspective on Chinese cuisine and I just love their attention to detail.  Some of my favourite dishes for the evening have got to be Skewered Chilli Butter Garlic Prawns, Steamed Edamame with Truffle Dumpling, Chilean Steamed Sea Bass & the Chilled Rambutan Dessert. I highly recommend you check out one of these dishes atleast when you visit China INC.

Also which dish do you personally like from the above China INC menu ? Leave a comment with your favourite dish 🙂
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