VLCC Style Statements With VLCC Experts

We were a part of a fun and an interesting session with the VLCC experts at their Worli Branch in Mumbai. I go to know about all the different products that are ideal for the Summers ahead for your face and body, hair and skin.

VLCC believes in tackling any skin problem or hair problem by understanding the exact root cause and by treating all the problems separately with solutions targeted towards that particular person only. I had jotted down all your questions and I asked the VLCC experts for the answers to your questions. Please find them below:

  • Maliha had asked about her dry and wavy hair concerns – The VLCC expert suggested that you should firstly get your scalp and hair checked and basis the problems decide a hair care routine. One of the sure ways to tackle dry hair is their newest “medivita” range, which takes care of the frizz.

  • (Intsa handle a sweet gal) had asked about how to stop or prevent hair fall and the medivita hair treatment which consists of a deep nourishing shampoo and conditioner is ideal for your situation. Also, make sure to stay away from overusing of heating tools.
  • Nazaali had asked about what should a person do if she gets pimples post using a moisturizer? The VLCC expert suggests that you follow a C-T-M routine daily. You should clean, tone and then moisturize your face, that way you will notice a visible difference in your skin texture and pimples will be reduced too.
  • Sujata had asked about how to achieve clear skin and one way to surely give it a try is to indulge in a Bellewave Hydramoist infusion mask by VLCC as that hydrates your skin and adds a natural glow.
  • Little Princess had also concerns about how to manage rough hair. They suggest you opt for hair spa at least once a month and use a serum that tames your rough hair. Plus ensure that you are getting adequate sleep and are consuming enough water.
  • Lastly Kashifah had a question about how can she maintain her normal skin and keep it glowing. You can opt for fruit facials that add a natural radiance and yet protect your skin from the pollution around us. VLCC has a papaya fruit facial, which is my personal favourite.

I also interacted with their make-up expert Reshma who gave my eyes a complete glam makeover using some deep gold eye shadow mixed with bold smokey eyes. You can see the make-up difference from my other pics and these ones post the make-over.

While chatting up with Reshma she highlighted how easy it is to achieve a party or a glam look by just changing your eye make-up. Drop by at your nearest VLCC centre to know all about VLCC Style Statements right from facials to mani-pedis, hair treatments, make-up and skin care that are tailor made for you and only YOU!!!

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