Vintage Brunch At Glasshouse, Hyatt Regency

Vintage Brunch At Glasshouse

Vintage Brunch at Glasshouse, Hyatt Regency Mumbai was one lively place to be at with the people you love. Right from the old charm décor to the set-up, the ambience was all set to take you right into the Victorian era.


A live jazz performance by a talented crew added a classic charm to their vintage themed brunch. The brunch lovers also got a chance to be a part of so many fun and entertaining activities lined up Vintage Brunch At Glasshouse, Hyatt Regency Mumbai.


 There was a separate “Fresh from the farm” set-up where one could select from an array of their favourite breads along with some authentic and freshly made cheese slices.


My favourite are the turkey cheese slices and smoked chicken. Combined with their multi-grain and focaccia breads, these were such classic options to get you going with a perfect vintage brunch date. Another one of our personal favourite was their whole roasted chicken.




Freshly made Fish & Chips 😀
A live Crepe Station


The fish chips, grilled veggies, chicken and ham crepes, hot and cold starters, classic Vacherin Cheese Quiche and each and every dish along with that was made keeping the taste and presentation in mind that would definitely transport you to the Victorian Era.


Other than their signature cocktails at the Glasshouse, they also had a health corner as a part of their Vintage brunch. You could select from the lime and cucumber combinations to the berry detox, which were all prepared by using only the natural ingredients of fruits and veggies and without any preservatives.




We have always been BIG fans when it comes to the sweet dishes served in the Vintage Brunch At Glasshouse. This time around, it was even more special with the unique vintage touch that added some grandness to everything that was served. Listing here some of our personal favourite desserts :


Caramel Custard, Orange Caramel Crepes, Croc Em Bouche, Shrikhand, Pomegranate Ice-Cream, Fresh Fruit Cream & Cheesecake was a complete hit with everyone.

We bumped into few of my readers and it gives me so much happiness to meet you guys and share the fondness of what we love. Brunching in the Vintage Brunch At Glasshouse, Hyatt Regency is one of them.


Lastly, I need to mention about the cute little “Kids Corner” where they arranged for a small buffet for the kids to help themselves easily.


This Vintage Brunch at Glasshouse was such a fresh take on doing the brunches right with a grand essence to it by Hyatt Regency.

Hyatt Regency has special brunches every Sunday !! So make sure to drop by for a unique experience.

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