Valentine’s Day Pamper Yourself With Triumph’s Magic Wire Lace Collection

Magic Wire Lace Collection

By now I am sure you all know already about my love for “Triumph” as a brand that understands the changing needs of us women and how they constantly try to include sizes that compliment and go with different body sizes and shapes. It is extremely important for brands to not just cater to “set” sizes of women and they need to understand that every woman regardless of her size deserves to feel sexy and comfy wearing the most intricate and immediate pieces on her body – her lingerie. That’s one thing about Triumph that I appreciate and I myself have helped friends and family shop for plus sizes lingerie from Triumph stores. Usually one common thing that one gets to hear with lingerie is that if it’s sexy then a plus size woman will never get her size. But with Triumph in each and every design and pattern they have so many different cup sizes available from thin to chubby women.

Magic Wire Lace Collection

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, most of us want to sort of quickly shop for some last minute sexy lingerie or at least browse through the available options to find our match. I am someone who always prefers comfort above anything else and then a delicate lacy exterior just makes me feel so good from inside. That’s the thing about good looking lingerie, they lift your spirit. It’s meant to make you happy and keep your body in shape giving proper support to your breasts. It isn’t supposed to make you feel uncomfortable in any way whatsoever. So when I got my hands on Triumph’s exquisite Magic Wire Lace Collection, I knew then and there I have found “The Lingerie” for me for many reasons.

Magic Wire Lace Collection

Firstly the Magic Wire Lace Collection come in some bright and trendy colours that are intricately designed keeping in mind both style and comfort. I like the lacy combinations on beige base that adds such a great contrast, don’t you think so? Now comes the BEST part about them.

Magic Wire Lace Collection

The cups have an inbuilt design that contains a metal-free and a flexible wire that gives the required support exactly like that of our regular wired bras. But you don’t feel the wire with your hands or against your skin and you don’t even need to worry about the mishaps of the wire poking out if wrung too strongly especially during our washes. You now get to choose intricate designs that are fully comfortable and give the support of a wired bra and yet are completely wireless with their look and feel.

Magic Wire Lace Collection

I am drooling over the colors they come in – Deep Fuchsia, Midnight Blue and Black. I have the deep Fushcia one and I feel it is just perfect to be worn this Valentine’s Day. After all, it all starts by pampering yourself right? Triumph’s Magic Wire lace collection comes with a lacy floral pattern on the cups and on the sides and its looks so elegant with the matching Tanga style brief. The brief also has satin-wrapped side straps for a chic vibe.

Magic Wire Lace Collection

Here is how they are priced at :

Bra: INR 1799 each  

Brief: INR 499 each

Here’s wishing all my Sassy Gals a very Happy Valentine’s Day. Stay Sassy!! <3

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