Stepping Into Summers With Orient Electric Air Coolers

Hello, beauties!! Hope you guys have all your summer holidays planned out. Luckily for me, this year has been all about travel and exploration and that’s what keeps me going. But if this time around for summers, you do not have your plans sorted or figured out, don’t fret. As I have just the perfect cooling solution for you all. You must have seen me go ga-ga over Orient Electric’s fans on my handles before and their air coolers are commendable too. I mean with this insane rising temperature in the country, Orient Electric Air Coolers are here to rule. Plus, I think these make for such a thoughtful gift too, keeping in mind the season don’t you think so? In this hot and dry climate, air coolers make for a smart and economical choice as compared to ac’s that also lead to insane electricity bills and some health problems.

So many people are switching over to air coolers now, be it at homes or offices. I myself have suffered severe long-term health problems all leading to spending long hours in ac rooms. Dry eyes, throat itchiness, joints ache and so many other issues follow if you spend maximum hours in an ac environment. Air coolers are an economical option as having two air coolers in one home will still not shoot up your electricity bill as much as ac. Healthy, hygienical and economical air cooling option is what I look for in my personal space or surrounding and air coolers fit into it seamlessly. Orient Air Coolers also have anti-mosquito breeding technology which is commendable since other coolers need the tanks to be cleaned on a regular basis and failing of which this leads to so many health concerns.

I was super happy to see some of the latest innovative launches of air coolers by Orient Electric to beat the heat in style. Their air coolers ensure that different needs are met, be it huge spaces or small. If best and economical cooling experience is what you need this summer then, make sure to check out Orient Air Cooler’s latest launches – Knight 70L (CD7002HR & Ultimo 65L (CD6502HR) – Desert.

These coolers come equipped with the best technology and the coolers have been intensively tested internally and certified by external labs to meet the highest quality standards.

  • The AeroFan technology is known to provide longest air delivery with minimum noise. This is possible since these coolers have high angled aerodynamic profiled blades.
  • Better cooling is possible with their Honeycomb Cooling pads with DENSENEST feature as they provide a special manufacturing process.
  • Quickest cooling is possible due to the Advanced water distribution system.
  • These air coolers are completely eco-friendly as they do not emit harmful gases and also consumes less energy. Optimum energy and water utilization is possible without compromising cooling efficiency.
  • These coolers have an antibacterial tank which prevents any staining or discoloration of the tank interior which also takes care of any kind pf odour.
  • Orient coolers use a carbon dust filter that uses activated carbon to remove air containments and impurities giving you fresh air.
  • Orient Coolers have the best aftersales service team to provide un-interrupted cooling services.

Head over to their website to check out their amazing air coolers for yourself –

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