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Hey my Sassy Fam. Well, today’s article is going to be very different than what I normally cover or talk about. Before I get into the details, here’s a disclaimer for you all – I am a non-smoker, many of you know that already and I have never even tried smoking before. But since I have so many friends especially from the media and fashion community who smoke on a regular basis and some of them are also chain smokers, we recently got into a discussion about making certain smart switches. Talking about making these smart choices and being aware of the health hazards of smoking is the first step towards doing something about it. I remember this long conversation over tacos and smokes (of course my friend was smoking), and how it becomes almost impossible for me to hang out with my buds at times, especially if that one smoke becomes 20th, within minutes. Here’s when knowing all your options plays an important role.

So, Salman had actually planned something for them. After a lot of reading up and researching online and talking to a few close buds who smoke, we decided to gift them E-Vapes. Now e-vapes have been a trend that has been on an all-time high especially in India and the demand for e-vapes keeps on increasing. We wanted to see the acceptability when it came to our friends since they were regular smokers and as per our research e-vapes are way better compared to regular cigarettes.

One of the main reasons being, e-vapes or e-cigarettes are convenient, affordable and these do not have the harmful tar that the regular cigarettes contain. This is how these e-vapes work: the battery heats the liquid and the same is atomized into an inhalable vapour. E-cigarettes do not contain the carcinogens like arsenic and vinyl chloride. These e-vapes that we had gifted to our friends were “EON Myx” that are disposable ones and they come in 4 different flavours – rich red, coffee crush, mint mojo and samba swirl.  These EON Myx e-vapes come in sleek looking units that are not bulky and are easy to carry along.

What was interesting with these EON Myx units that we gifted to our friends was that, they preferred these so much over their usual smokes, due to the benefits that they gifted these e-vapes to the people they know in their circles who smoke. Right from their friends, to drivers, staff members, co-workers and cousins. We ourselves have introduced these e-vapes to our watchmen and drivers who we know smoke a lot and they would like this smart switch since it reduces so many long term hazardous effects on their health. The e-vape is made of LI Polymer battery with an LED in the front that lights up when a person smokes for the same traditional smoking effect.

These e-vapes are available in 3 different categories and they are so economically priced at Rs. 400/- for 450 puffs –

1)      EON Charge

2)      EON disposables (We will not be reviewing these)

3)      EON Myx

Given the price point, it further means that the masses and the classes both can afford it now. I as a non-smoker like the simple fact that the smoke doesn’t smell bad since they come in various flavours and it doesn’t make me wanna throw up like the regular cigarettes smell for instance I cannot stand.

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 P.S. – This contains Nicotine, so it is not recommended for people who are allergic to nicotine or for those like me who do not smoke. This is supposed to be an alternative for those who already smoke!!!

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