Orient Aerostorm – An innovatively beautiful choice for the fifth wall of your room

Every individual has a particular theme in mind when we speak of making our homes and our individual spaces our own by lending a unique touch of our personality to it. In today’s time, different aspects make up for our happy space, be it at home or office. Right from the apt furniture to a perfect colour palette and the fittings and electronics all play an equal role in creating your desired space.

Speaking about electric fittings, one of the most emerging trends along with the most evolved ones has to be our ceiling fans. Gone are the days when just any plain and simple fans worked merely as an electrical unit that keeps the room airy. In today’s times, ceiling fan’s requirements are as important as picking the perfect location for your home.

It comes as no surprise to me that in the last few months, the interior and homes upgrade market has seen a massive increase in demand and eventually this also means the requirements for designer & premium ceiling fans are also on an all-time high. For today’s buyer, a fan needs to cover many aspects which are important to them. Such as, does a particular fan affect our electricity bill, or does a fan cover larger areas in a huge living room and does the sound cause a big nuisance or is it bearable.

Plus, team it all with a premium look and finish from the design perspective. I myself have gone through the struggle of finding a ceiling fan that fits into my aesthetic vision. Trust me, it’s not easy as in our country there hasn’t been any dedicated research in this space. That is exactly why my joys knew no bound when I heard about the Orient’s “Aerostorm” which is a premium category ceiling fan and I got to be a part of their launch in Delhi.

The Aerostorm series is officially launched and they are known as the silent storm for a reason. Firstly, one look at this ceiling fan and you know it is going to spruce up your living rooms or bedrooms. It is so classy looking with a premium decorative feel. It is aerodynamically designed with the breakthrough winglet technology which is used in modern aircraft as well.

The winglet design is what minimises the vortex along with a higher air thrust (300 CMM in the segment) which is a silent but a powerful combination. Plus it has 100% Rust free blade which is made of High grade compounded ABS for longer life & reliability. The Aerostorm is yet another revolutionary product launched by Orient which takes the Aeroseries fans success to another level altogether. The Aerostorm fans also boast one of the most gorgeous silhouettes with a stainless steel decorative rim on the top. I love its high gloss PU finish and it fits into any classy settings that you would want for your personal or office space.

I got to experience this technology for myself at their experience zone at the launch and I am super impressed with Orient’s new offering. Such as a smoother airflow that too covering all the corners in one room, it’s truly commendable. Cannot wait to get the world-class futuristic Aerostorm technology in my living room too. 🙂

The Aerostorm is priced at MRP – Rs. 5,990/-, but you can get a special discount or Rs. 5,399/- right now exclusively on Amazon.in with some cashback options as well. Click here.

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