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As most of you already know, I have been using the brand new LG Q6 smartphone for over a month now, which is their latest offering from their first ever Q Series. I am always on the move and I practically live on my phone since my work requires me to spend maximum time on it. At times, I wonder what would I do without my smartphone because it is not only my planner and a picture diary but it also plays my assistant’s part in an innovative way.

The first thing that pulled me towards the brand new LG Q6 was it’s sleek looking body that is every fashionista’s dream. Despite having a strong and durable metal body, this phone is super light and easy to hold just in one hand. Imagine having the looks + strong durable exterior all in one. LG Q6 has been specially designed keeping in mind our day-to-day needs and it has tackled every problem we have faced with our old smartphones like a PRO.

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To begin with, it’s metal body is solidified by the lightweight “H Beam” frame which is made from the strong 7000 series aluminum. This is one of the highest strength aluminum that allows this phone to handle impact from any direction.

Look at its slim body, which snugly fits into my palm and that combined with their awesome 18:9 aspect ratio, makes it a hands down winner. Right from my flat lays to my behind the scenes shots or even my OOTD shots are all brought to life with this power packed smartphone.

If you thought you had the best smartphone, then think again because my experiences with the brand new LG Q6 will blow your mind. I always have struggled with small screens that do not do justice to my photos especially if they are portrait shots or wide angles. But now, LG Q6 brings a Full Vision Display where you get a detailed view with no bounds.

Check out this innovative feature that makes browsing, video gaming and picture clicking a totally immersive experience. I can compare this to my full-screen home theatre experience. Now, I get to view Full Vision Display on my fingertips (2160×1080). Check out some of the full vision display pics that I shot on my LG Q6. It looks like it is actually a part of the frame, it looks that REAL!!! Plus, the bezel-less form gives us the benefit of the bigger screen in a compact form.

Now comes my personal favourite feature!! LG Q6 allows you to unlock your phone just by holding it in front of your face!! Yes, now I do not need to waste my time typing my password or remembering the pattern. Just lift up your phone and your face will unlock it. Smile or pout away lovelies!!!

My LG Q6 comes with a 5MP wide selfie camera that has a 100-degree field of view. Imagine now you get to fit all of your gang in one selfie or you don’t need to crop that interesting background of yours anymore. Why?? Because LG Q6 accommodates all your surroundings in its wide angle selfies.

After I am done clicking pictures, it gives me the options to directly share it with you all across all social media platforms. This is not only handy but it was so required because I am sure we all have faced the issue of hunting for pics and never finding them while we need to post those.

LG Q6 camera app features LG’s exclusive Square Camera that comes with four creative shot modes :

  • Snap Shot – It gives you a live split screen to view your last shot. I always love to review my flat lays or work shots in the screen below before I take another shot.

  • Grid Shot – This is again so Instagram friendly and if there are 4 different products that you want to highlight or showcase four different moods, then this feature will be new found love. Say bye-bye to collage apps now :D. While taking a grid shot you can open and close your fist once for a selfie timer and take 1 photo or open and close your fist twice to take 4 photos.

  • Guide Shot – This enables you to use any other image as a reference and it overlays the same with your camera. This will allow you to take the exact positioning and framing of the previous shot for a new picture.
  • Match Shot – This is a fun way to get creative with your pictures by taking two separate pics and combining them for fun effects.

Those of you who work on your phones just like me till wee hours in the morning will now be happy with this caring feature of comfort eye by LG Q6 since it reduces the strain the normal blue light puts on our eyes.

It comes in 3 colors – Astro Black, Ice Platinum and Terra Gold. My LG Q6 is a complete feature packed smartphone that makes it no. 1 with specs & looks combined. I’ll go on and on about why I am hooked to this beauty, but I’ll let the pictures do the talking :).

Right from my workouts to meetings, travel to shoots and parties or get-togethers, one gadget which is a constant companion, is LG Q6, capturing all my best moments and turning them into special memories.

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  2. Amazing phone. And ur pictures are soooooo awesome.

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