The Growing Need of Cyber Security In All Forms

Hello, my online ninjas! I know how we love our online spaces and trust me, this is the only means through which we stay connected, form bonds, become loyal readers, feel happy and sad, and at times cry tears of blood. Why? All because this medium of internet helps us connect and feel the emotions towards our favourite personalities, actors or influencers that we didn’t know existed before. I am an optimist so I consider this medium a boon and take every opportunity that I can to talk to you all through different online channels. At times, I even take polls asking you all which topics you prefer and this is just one of the million benefits of the internet, my friends. Not to forget, this is the sole area of my existence and without which I would be probably locked up in some job I was unhappy about.

But hey, like every story has two sides, and like every sunrise has a sunset, so does the “internet”. With every perfect and great, positive quality of the online space, one cannot hide away from its dark reality which stands ahead of us every single hour of the day of night. I mean I won’t shy away from mentioning that almost every week I am blocking people from different handles online where the gap of respect becomes almost invisible and it goes in a harassment space. I get DMs on my handles all the time, sometimes men and women passing on their contact details, asking me to call them or other derogative and suggestive messages. To which my team has to personally sort and block and also report a few accounts if it gets into a demeaning space. But you would think this is fine, as we have become so attuned to this right? But think again. Before the age of internet, do you think anyone ever used to do something like this? Can you imagine people walking up to you and speaking in a trashy manner without even knowing you? Although, some degree of harassment has always been there, but this kind of bullying, torture and harassment happens all the time on the internet since the real identity can be hidden to some extent unless the cops get involved and there is a legal case filed.

I once had the most frightening experience where I tried a free-hand at a make-up look which according to me was an expression of my bold self. After all, no one can judge what one feels when one expresses themselves through any medium. I was thrashed by many and why, all because it didn’t fit in today’s norm of what is RIGHT or wrong. The hate comments went so out of hand that they even harassed my mum online. Not to mention once when a friend’s instagram account got hacked and the worst part? He kept on getting threatening mails from an id that mentioned they would keep on hacking and deleting his account the minute he crosses a particular follower count. This online harassment has been always around and has gone way too far. It is about time we do something about it and put a stop to it. Imagine, what torture my friend had to go through when he didn’t even know who is the person that had such a huge grudge on him. It does take a toll on you mentally and emotionally. It has also happened to me where my readers have tagged me and pointed out that some other person has used my image without my knowledge or consent. Imagine having to live in continuous fear of your hard work being stolen or replicated elsewhere.

Pretending to be someone else, constantly messaging random people, sending objectionable images,  copying images or text online, identity theft, cyber extortion, etc. they all fall under the category of cybercrime and I so wish there was a better way out of all this.

It is a big concern at hand currently to stand protected and safe from malware, IT loss theft, email spoofing and cyber extortion, to name a few. I was at peace & happy as recently I came across Bajaj Allianz Individual Cyber Safe Insurance that covers everything we just discussed above & more!!

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This insurance by Bajaj Allianz was a need of the hour to protect individuals like us from the evil and dark claws of the online space. Trust me it’s better safe than sorry and it will also ensure you don’t ever have #WhatTheHack moments!!

So the first step is realising the threats in this space and the second would be to safeguard oneself with Bajaj Allianz Individual Cyber Safe Insurance.

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