Dreaming of the maximum city? Now you can live it up with a home that you can call your own.

Home Is Where The Heart Is!!

When we talk about our dreams and goals, the first thing that every Mumbaikar will always mention without taking a pause is about their dream “HOME”. This fact holds true for each and every individual. Whether you have shifted to Mumbai or are born and brought up here, this city is truly an epitome of cosmopolitan living and with each passing day as our dreams grow bigger, so does the struggle of making them come true, one dream at a time. I still remember that first pay cheque where I thought about the amount that will go towards expenses and some towards savings. But halfway through the month and it all vanished. Such is the life of an average Mumbaikar. Hence with dreams comes the struggles too, which sometimes teach us the hard way or leave us completely heart broken.

But with constant moving forward, self-belief and hard work combined with some smart choices, you can actually have that initial savings that will make you feel so proud and elated. I am sure those who have gone through this too will agree with me. Initially when we wanted to look for a place we could call home and we could invest in, we thought the down payment is the only thing that matters. But as we went on a home search across the city especially places in Andheri, we realized how difficult every step is. I have always wanted to invest in a home in Andheri since all my growing up years have been spent here at my Nanaji’s house and it will always have a special place in my heart.Also since I am constantly on the move, and the airport being just a drive away is a big win-win for me. Most of you who follow me, already know that currently I am travelling to Andheri almost thrice a week or more since this suburb has all the hotspots for fashion, entertainment and shoots. Right from some of the best all day dining and bars, to some of the most high end malls and brands that I work with are based here or have offices here and being in this area will only mean cutting down more than 50% of my time spent travelling in the city. Isn’t that truly amazing?? No wonder, Andheri is actually considered the Bollywood & entertainment capital of Mumbai!!

But here are the problem areas of house hunting in a city like Mumbai especially near Andheri –  unavailability of flats, increasing property rates, irregular supply of water and electricity, and many others. If we liked something that fit in our budget, then that particular property didn’t have the facilities and those that had the luxuries that we wanted including spacious homes, they all were overpriced. House hunting takes time and efforts, and has an expense to it. Plus, after all these, it’s hard to get everything you see fits in your ideal dream home vision. Especially when your home could be an investment you know how important it is to get all the aspects right. Being proud owners of a house in a city like Mumbai is every millennial’s dream and Andheri is the hub of all the luxurious development the city has to offer. Right from spacious malls, cosmopolitan culture, vibrant nightlife, A-list brands and production houses, entertainment options to well-equipped hospitals and millions of job opportunities, it has become Mumbai’s most hustling neighborhood. So, this made a great investment move, buying in an area like Andheri.

But just when we were completely fed up of being led down by the house options we saw, I’ll be honest we decided to put this aside completely for now. One day after an event, we decided to stop by a friend’s place at Worli for a wonderful Diwali dinner. It was then between the festivities we realized that we too would love the same spaciousness, the construction, all the luxuries and amenities packed into one. Upon asking and enquiring further, she and her husband told us about other properties of that very builder and that we should definitely check it out. The fact that the same builders, Omkar Realtors is coming up with their next project named Andheri Highway got us all excited. They have truly taken luxury to another level and we are so glad we got the perfect home investment advice from our friends since they had already invested in their property. After I visited their website (http://www.omkar.com/andheri-highway/ ), I found out Omkar is going to offer a list of attractive fitness options like gym, jogging park etc. and different fitness activities such as Zumba sessions and yoga. So residents will be able to practice all forms of yoga or participate in high-energy workouts for fitness, fun, collaboration, contemplation and total relaxation– in an open and airy environment. Another feature I loved in this amenity area is the beautifully designed swimming pool, which I believe will make great space for late night parties. There will also be a well-appointed deck surrounding the pool, so it makes sense. And adjoining it will be a spa and a juice bar—so I am getting actually much more than I asked God for. Wait, the list has not ended here, the project will also have a party lawn where I will celebrate all the special days of my life. In addition, the location of this project is so convenient that I can travel hassle free as it’s just few couple of mins away from the airport, metro and western express highway.

Omkar is really helping Mumbaikars to let them sleep in their own home instead of spending countless nights for hunting their dream home. They have brought forth some great investment options all over Mumbai by introducing boutique luxury residential segments that we get to see in Hongkong and Japan.

They are worth checking out, have a look for yourself – http://www.omkar.com/

Its time to take that plunge and turn your dreams into reality!!

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  1. The Dream Home is the ultimate dream of people living in any city or village. Happy to know that ‘Omkar’ is providing quality support for Mumbaikkars to realize their dream!

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