Ultra Singapore 2018 – PART 1

Day 1 : Singapore Ultra – Exploring Singapore

Olaa my Sassy Fam. It has been a while since I took you guys along with me on adventures, some planned and some not so much. But “Ultra Singapore 2018” was hands down one of the best travel decisions that I said a big fat YES to. Firstly, I was on a great high as me being the only Indian influencer covering the festival LIVE and secondly getting to be a part of the biggest and the grandest EDM Festival of the world, someone was indeed a happy bunny. Both Salman and me have been the biggest EDM Fans and when it comes to security, great venues and world-class artists lineups, Ultra Singapore 2018 easily tops the chart. Combined with getting to meet, interact and personally know so many people across the globe, Ultra Singapore is truly one common ground for all the EDM lovers across the globe to unite and dance away. I must add that it comes as no surprise that “Singapore” as a country has become a symbol for WORLD PEACE right now and that absolutely reflected in the way they handled the entire festival for both the days.

After interacting with other influencers from other parts of the world, we were all set to start the day with Ultra Singapore 2018. Post checking into Park Regis Singapore which is located on Merchant Road, which everyone found hilarious as they just addressed it as my personal road, named after my surname, we were told we have a little resting window since our day started at 7 p.m.

So I decided to skip on that extra sleep, finish up my brekkie and hop on that over-bridge and explore “Clarke Quay” during the day which is by the calm Singapore River.

Later that day we went to Clarke Quay as all the world-class bars and pubs are located here. But you’ll see a different Clarke during the day and the night. I met some wonderful locals here and, me I value my interactions with the locals so much on all my trips. I had such a warm welcome at Park Regis Singapore with a personalized note, their mascot stuffed toy, best wine and a view to die for.


Also before we go any further, let me just give a BIG SHOUTOUT to Leslie, our driver and Winnie, our amazing guide/friend on this trip.

This is a part of the Singapura Club which is a heritage style vintage bistro and an all-day communal leisure dining concept. It simply aims to bring back the simple pleasures along with the nostalgic Singaporean food and drinks right back where they belong. I was floored looking at their amazing menu and not to forget their teas. I tried their ginger tea along with so many dishes that were heavily influenced by North Indian and classic Asian Cuisine.

Now let me take you all through the narrowest and one of the oldest heritage trails with street art in Singapore called the “Haji Lane”. Out of all the bars and pubs that we visited here are a few that I highly recommend – The Blu Jaz Café is ideal for all jazz music lovers, Atlas Singapore which also happens to be ranked at no. 4 in the World’s 50 Best Bar’s category.

You will find so many different live bands performing even on these narrow lanes and one of the band members saw an enthusiastic Indian girl (me), and he was sweet enough to play a Salman Khan number for me on which I danced like crazy by the way. I’m gonna link my Part 1 YouTube video here as well, for those of you who want to see all the action LIVE.

Day 2: Ultra Singapore – Marvel & the Party.

Next morning, we headed to another heritage and an iconic destination in Singapore called “Bee’s Knees At The Garage”. This café is located in the heart of the Botanical Gardens and the building in which it is situated goes all the way back to the 20s. This colonial building houses 2 cafes now, with Bee’s Knees on the first floor and Botanica café on the ground floor.

You can select your outdoor or indoor seating and the pizza’s combined with some of the best seafood dishes are a must try here. Not to forget their excellent chaai’s and the lush greenery around. I got to learn how to make mocktails & cocktails and I even got an opportunity to name my own mocktail as “Sassy Singapore”.

Now comes the most awaited visit to “Marvel Studios”. Name one major Marvel Universe flick and this exhibition houses it. Right from installations to state of the art immersive technology, engaging displays and sneak peeks into the upcoming Avengers, you can find all of this under one roof.

Be prepared to experience here all the major characters that were introduced in the first decade of the Marvel Cinematic Universe like Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, Doctor Strange, Guardians Of The Galaxy, and many more.

Ladies and gents, it is now time to gear up and rock the EDM scene on Day 2 of Ultra Singapore 2018. The security was so so good and hands on. There were separate queues for clear transparent bags and separate one for people carrying small slings. Many items which could be hazardous or a possible threat like the selfie sticks, tripods, big bags or backpacks, open cigarettes, flags on sticks, etc were all banned. I mean kudos to the entire team for coming up with such strict rules so that people all over the world like you and me could enjoy the 2-day festival without having to worry at all times, whereas in the past in other festivals we have had this issue.

But Ultra Singapore 2018 had my heart for this very reason from the start. The locals are so good and genuinely nice. I mean in the middle of Nicky Romero’s performance where the ground was totally crammed up, some guy tapped on my shoulder to return my hair clip. Singaporean men are so kind, they will go out of their way to help you, maybe it is their compulsory military service or the upbringing. One journalist was left without her phone and wallet and a guy helped her get back to the hotel. He said, I cannot ignore the girl in need, no matter what. I mean gems like these make me believe that living in a world where women are respected, is possible, especially in India, this is the need of the hour.

Ultra Singapore 2018 is the ONLY festival apart from the Miami one to feature the Worldwide Stage. This year there were a total of three stages at Ultra Singapore 2018 : Mainstage, that saw some of the biggest names and heaviest hitters in electronic dance music. Ultranauts saw some of the best iconic anthems being performed here along with non-stop partying of course. Resistance Stage was for a complete auditory adventure. So many mavericks and stalwarts performed here and rocked the techno scene. The Worldwide Stage saw many upcoming regional DJs drop the beat combined with huge backdrop of LED displays. The line up of day 1 was sickkkk. Some of the best global artists and DJ’s that performed on day 1 of Ultra Singapore 2018 were – DJ Snake, Nicky Romero, DJ Steve Angello, Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano, ALY & FILA, MYKRIS, Junkvilla, etc.

Ultranauts danced away on some of the best and iconic beats that were dropped by some of the best world renowned electronic music DJ’s from all over the globe. Such an amazing experience it was dancing away to a pulsing music in a city that never sleeps and is always up for celebrations. ULTRA SINAGPORE 2018, we are blown awayyyyyy!!! Oh and the chips that we were wearing on our wrists as the bands, could be refilled in advance and then inside Ultra whenever you needed to spend on food and drinks, all you had to do is flash your chip, instead of carrying your entire wallet. Cool, isn’t it??

Watch Part 2 of the Singapore Ultra Vlog :

Make sure to stay tuned for PART 2 Blog of this Ultra Singapore 2018 experience.

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