The Perfect Weekend Getaway – Sharjah PART 2

Heya Party People!! Here’s sending your way so much love, light, a bucket full of laughs, good health and positive vibes for the New Year!!! May 2019 be YOUR Year and may it bring you all that your heart desires and may we all be conscious to always follow the right path no matter how hard the going gets. Also, just as a personal reminder, for every hate that exists in this world, you are gonna be covered with ten times more love and be blessed even more. Just believe in yourself. Just worry less and work more!!! On that positive note, here’s taking our love for Sharjah travel a notch higher. Since you guys showered so much love on Part 1 of our Sharjah article, we thought of taking you all along with us on yet another adventure where we list down few more must visit places from the Emirate. Here goes…

Al Hefaiyah Mountain Conservation Centre – (3368, 3373 & 3377) This is located right outside Kalba near Hajar Mountains. Al Hefaiyah Mountain Conservation Centre protects the wildlife and preserves their rich diversity.

They also have various huge displays for different species of animals right from natural landscape enclosures to re-creation of their natural habitats which is so commendable. We even saw the regional hyenas, the silver owls, different types of snakes, amongst so many other species.

Lunch At A Local’s House In Khorfakkan – If you want to experience the real local culture and cuisine, then nothing beats meeting an entire local family and chatting away over a traditional spread of delish Emirati Food. (3180 & 3184) The house owner Fahtima, is such a kind lady who hosts several foreigners and travelers at her house that are keen to learn more about the local culture of Sharjah over a home-cooked meal.

Nothing beats this personal touch. She also served us some freshly made Arabic coffee after our lunch and helped us dress us up in their traditional attire with net detailing and jewelry (this is what the women wore back in the day). (3225) Her house also happens to be one of the oldest in Khhorfakkan.

Al-Rufaisa Dam in Khorfakkan – Did you know that Khorfakkan happens to be the largest town of Sharjah Emirate which is situated on the east coast. It is also very centrally located and it joins Fujairah and Dibba Al Hisn. Ai-Rufaisa Dam is located right above this town and as you can see, it is surrounded by such beautiful mountains. The dam has a long pathway for you to stand and click photos or just walk on foot and it also has a beautiful garden cum seating area. So if you are traveling with family or elders you don’t have to worry.

(IMAGE – 3234 OR 1089) The town planning of this Emirate is done so carefully and thoughtfully, keeping every small aspect about the tourists in mind. It is hands down one of my personal favourite locations for dreamy pictures!!!

Al Noor Mosque – (YOU HAVE 2 EDITED PICS) Say hello to one of the grandest and an iconic mosque from Sharjah. This also happens to be one of the most important and most visited mosque in Sharjah amongst the 600 mosques that currently exist there.

The Arabic word “NOOR” translates to “LIGHT” & trust me, you’ll know the real meaning of this word once you enter this mosque. The interiors are heavily influenced by Turkish architecture and there is an ample amount of natural light coming in from all sides. It’s located on the famous Al-Noor Island, right next to the Khalid Lagoon on Buhaira Corniche which is just a stone’s throw away from each other.

Al Noor Island & Butterfly Garden – When you are done visiting the mosque, you can start walking towards the board at the back that reads “Al-Noor Island”. (3448) Once you cross this beautiful walking bridge surrounded by clear blue water, you have arrived at your entertainment destination which is ideal for the full family. Be it their preserved trees, magical illuminations, huge trampoline, intriguing sculptures and art work or the maze garden, Al-Noor Island has your entire family covered. It just cannot be missed out on when you are in Sharjah.

My personal favourite was the magical “Butterfly Garden” as they have made a separate room dedicated to appreciating and exploring different kinds of exotic butterflies from all over the globe. Let go of your worries and step inside this butterfly garden, BE A KID AGAIN!!! Can’t you tell how happy I was holding this piece of pineapple and luring them to sit on it while I enjoy watching them up close. 😉

Museum Of Islamic Civilization – This again has to be a significant landmark in Sharjah.  Entry fee is just 5 AED for an adult and 10 AED for families. This museum preserves and displays the Arabic culture, Islamic history, art and the science behind it.

There is a separate section that allows you to view coins from different eras and how it has evolved today. Back in the day, this used to be an indoor souk and today this museum is known to host globally acclaimed exhibitions that talk about Islamic masterpieces.

Every corner of this place is so beautifully designed and I would suggest you to spend at least 2 hours here if you are a history lover!

Rain Room – Say hello to my favourite activity from Sharjah where technology meets art in such a unique way!! (Include my edited pic) The “Rain Room” is a permanent installation initiated by Sharjah Art Foundation and I would suggest you to always book in advance as the slots get filled pretty quickly. So this allows you to walk under rain, hear the patter of the rain drops, see everything around you wet, except yourself!

Yes, you heard that right. So the motion sensors of the installation work in a way where it stops raining right over you and wherever you move, it doesn’t rain but everywhere else it’s still raining. We were told in the briefing that you have to move very slowly so that the motion sensor can take its time to work. (3607 OR 3609) Towards the end just for fun I ran through very quickly and got few splashes of water on me!! This was pure fun.

Art Foundation Spaces – (3666) This is situated in a very historic and heritage area in Sharjah and there are so many events that are executed here throughout the year including renowned exhibitions, film screenings, music performances and talks.

If you are an art lover, then this surely is your paradise.

Heart of Sharjah (Souq Al Arsa, Souq Al Shanasiyah) – You get to shop at the oldest market in U.A.E. which used to be a famous meeting place for the Bedouins and their camels. It is very thoughtful of them to make the souk air conditioned to improve the shopping experience.

 Say hello to a walk back in time through this market that has antiques, lanterns, palm leaf baskets, sweets, carpets, medicinal herbs, handicrafts, perfumes, coral accessories and more. Make sure to grab a cuppa of their Arabic coffee from one of the shops before you head out.

Aquarium & Maritime Museum – At the Maritime Museum you get to witness why the Sea plays such a significant role in the lives of the locals and experience their rich marine heritage.

The aquarium which is bang opposite to the museum is such a fun activity. It consists of 20 large aquariums and their main goal is to preserve the life underwater. They currently have over 250+ species of aquatic animals.

Sharjah Shooting Club

Shooting Club –  For all the action seekers out there, you get to enjoy rifle and pistol shooting, paintball Arena, outdoor pool, basketball, tennis and also luxurious spa services are available. This was my Katnis moment!!

Sharjah Shooting Club

Oh Sharjah, thank you for being so warm, kind, loving and amazing. Both my heart and belly loveeeee you!! Until we meet again.

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  1. Interesting post. Nice to read about your perfect weekend getaway in Sharjah. Now Sharjah is in bucket list.

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