Sailing Like Royalty With Karnika, Jalesh Cruise

It’s so well said that you learn how little one needs to survive while at the sea. I find cruising a better option than flying as time truly stands still for you here. Uninterrupted views of the ocean, splashing waves and the wind in your hair make a perfect setting for good company and cherished moments with your loved ones. Imagine waking up to surreal sunrise views as you are cruising over pristine waters and ending your day clinking your glasses to a mesmerizing setting sun you never laid your eyes on before.

Double the happiness and the surprises when you hop on-board India’s first ever premium ship – “KARNIKA” By Jalesh Cruises. Jalesh Cruises is India’s first multi-destination luxury cruise liner which kick-started its domestic cruise with Karnika through a 2 Nights 3 Days trip from Mumbai-Goa-Mumbai.

The cruise ship has a capacity to hold 2000 passengers in 800+ cabins that are so spacious and luxuriously designed. The cabins are divided into different categories to suit your individual requirements – ocean view, interior, balcony, and mini-suites. What I personally adore about Jalesh Cruises is how thoughtfully the ship is designed. They also have a special provision for wheelchair access directly to the rooms and it truly is an all-inclusive sailing experience for everyone no matter what age group you belong to.

This grand yet welcoming lobby greets you as you enter Karnika and it sort of reminds me of the evergreen Titanic movie. The staff is extremely courteous and always smiling.

I also was privileged to be a part of a special “Navigational Bridge Tour” held by the Captain of Karnika, Mr. Firoze Pasha. He took us through the technicalities and the science behind how a ship is operated and explained to us the technology that it is equipped with.

He also showed us the safety procedures that are at par with all international cruises and the highlight of this tour has to be this picture that I shot right outside the main crew deck.

As for entertainment, you have a wide variety of options to select from, like magic shows, live musical performances, stand-up comedy, plays, fully functional gym, burlesque and Broadway shows, premium movie theatre, live DJ nights at The Dome and not to forget the different bars that offer both best sailing experience while sipping on your favourite drinks and gourmet food.

The dining options are so many on Karnika that you are bound to be spoilt with choices yet again. It is divided into the main dining area with three restaurants and the deck and pool food court that have as many as 10 restaurants.

Be prepared to dive into a literal food coma with a world-class cuisine of continental food that caters to Indian taste buds so well and it also has an extensive Jain menu.

Did I mention a huge pool, kids area and Jacuzzi are so perfectly inviting and you just cannot miss out on this experience as you sail the sea.

I loved spending my afternoons or early mornings by the deck just basking in the sun and cutting off from the world. This also is one of the best ways to get yourself a social media detox. A 6-7 hours halt at Goa can be spent by exploring Karnika or you can request the crew or staff members to arrange a special Goa excursion for you. Lastly, you can also book in advance for a relaxing spa session that includes their signature waterbed therapy massage.

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If you ask me personally what is my takeaway from cruising, then well – It firstly connects you with yourself, makes you think about how little we need to exist and it reminds you how important that inner peace is.

So while you enjoy the luxurious and ever beautiful Karnika by Jalesh Cruises, remember cruising is more than just getting to a destination, it is the process of enjoying the journey. So hop on with an open heart and rest assured you are going home with a truckload of memories for life.

Thank You to the entire team of Jalesh Cruises for making sailing for me a hobby that I want to keep revisiting again and again.

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