10 Most Grammable FREE Places In New York!

Those of you who know me, know my unending love for the Big Apple! Our last visit to NewYork earlier this year was all sorts of MAGIC, starting with the New YorkFashion Week AW 2018, our stay at James Nomad Hotel, NYC, we attending the make-up & skin care launches during NYFW, enjoying the snow (it did get out of hand at times, when the snow storms hit the city, but hey I am a snow baby, so I am not complaining) and endless hours of exploring this city of dreams!! With the 3 and a half months of our stay in New York, both Salman and me have decided to shortlist 10 of our personal favourite spots and places from the NewYork city & State. Firstly, all these places are 100% FREE, so that you don’t have to worry about shelling out money and secondly the pictures will definitely send across some postcard envy to your friends as they are so grammable too!! We know how expensive this city can get, so hopefully, our list will make your bank balance happy! Let’s dive into this list, shall we??

Oculus Station

The Oculus Railway Station – A whopping $4 billion was spent to build this railway station. I love how the glass exterior reflects the skyline of theBig Apple. The all-white interior with sky-high pointy ceilings, give it a very classy look. You will immediately fall in love with the World’s most expensive train station from the minute you set you’re your eyes on it. 

The entry is FREE and you can also step in to enjoy shopping from world-class brands available there or buy a train ticket to travel in New York.

2. Central Park – Manhattan’s most loved urban park is an open-air oasis and one major hot spot that you just cannot miss out on when in New York. The entry to the park is absolutely FREE

Belvedere Castle
Alice in Wonderland Statue in Central Park

I would advise you to take a bicycle on rent as Central Park is too huge to be covered on foot. I would highly recommend you visit the Strawberry Fields, Bridges & Arches, Alice In Wonderland Installation and the Belvedere castle.

 Brooklyn Bridge – This is an iconic location in New York which also happens to be open 24×7 and the entry is FREE. You can cross the bridge at any time of the day or night as you will find commuters there even at 11.30 p.m. in the night. Crossing the bridge on foot is absolutely safe and it will take you approximately 30 minutes from New York. Make sure to catch a beautiful sunset here and click away happily!!

Brooklyn Bridge Park – This park is right under the Brooklyn Bridge. Entry to this park is FREE and you can sit here for hours on end on the lawn below while you see the entire bridge get lit up slowly as the sky turns dark. 

I loved walking by the waterfront promenade and spent many evenings here with a hot cuppa. Timelapse and pictures shot here are so grammable!! Don’t you think so?

Staten Island Ferry – This is hands down the most memorable thing to do in New York. Entry on the ferry is 100% FREE & you can hop on to this commuter ferry from The Whitehall Terminal from Manhattan.

 It goes to the St.George Terminal on Staten Island and it runs 24 hours a day. The best part about this ferry is that you get to pass by the famous landmark of “Statue Of Liberty” and click pictures without having to pay for it.

Pennsylvania Station – It is also known as New York Penn Station or Penn Station and this is going to be an easy commute for you if you are travelling from New Jersey to New York. This also happens to be the main intercity railroad station in New York City and also the busiest.

I loved the architecture of the entrance which has huge pillars once you climb over the steps. Visit here for the gram and capture the same Penn Station grandeur as shown in Alfred Hitchcock’s Spellbound film. You need a ticket for transportation but you can visit it for FREE if you just need to get some shots!

TheWaterfront, Exchange Place Once you get down at the Exchange Place station (PATH), and as soon as you get out, BOOM!! There’s the Waterfront, that overlooks lowerManhattan’s skyline. 

It is absolutely FREE to enter or do photography here. We spent almost 2 hours here walking on the promenade. Totally grammable!!    

Times Square – This is one of the most hustling and the busiest street in New York City. You’ll be surrounded by flashy neon lights, larger than life digital billboards and many pedestrians-only zones for you to freely discover and explore like a NewYorker! The M&M Store cannot be missed out on when you are at the Times Square. It’s an ideal destination for gram worthy, Hollywood like pictures!   

Union Square Weekly Market – I highly recommend that you visit this weekly market which is right by the Union Square in New York. You’ll get to taste some authentic and freshly baked bread, croissants, pizzas among other delicacies. I had bought fresh homemade cheese from his market, garlic bread, ginger-jaggery chocolates and blueberries at such a steal!! When you step out of the market, make sure to strike a pose or two by The Pavilion, which used to be a famous restaurant earlier, it is closed now but the architecture is so grammable

TheHigh Line, NYC – This has to be one of New York’s most iconic and instagrammable destinations. It is built on a historic freight rail line located over the streets of Manhattan’s WestSide. This public park has been saved from demolition by the residents of NewYork and since it opened for public in 2009, it is a FREE public space to enjoy nature, New York views, art and design all at once.

Rocking this Vivi Zubedi front button kurta after New York Fashion Week 2018

Hope you guys love the list of the top 10 most instagrammable and FREE spotsto visit in New York! Remember to carry plenty of warm jackets and thermals if you happen to visit during the winter season. I’ll see you guys soon in a hot New York minute!

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