Trail Of The Grand Trunk Road With Masala Bay

Masala Bay is open for all you culinary adventurers to come and explore some lip smacking delicacies from across three countries and seven states. The trail of the grand trunk road at Masala Bay of Taj Lands End is open all the way till 20th June for you to explore with your loved ones. Masala Bay decided to give life to a burst of flavours from Afghanistan and mix it up with our own Kolkata food tales. One can only imagine the diverse mélange of cuisines that are waiting to be explored.

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We were led to a beautifully decorated private desi-room that is ideal for all your parties or private bashes. It had surreal vibes of what to expect on your platter in the minutes to come. Somewhere along our intriguing conversations about food, travel, blogging and everything in between, we were literally lost into the streets of Punjab by sipping on my “Malai Waali Lassi” that comes in a handa traditional glass with some rich and creamy malai. Even though I couldn’t finish it myself, I enjoyed every sip of if, especially with the kebabs and other starters. For all you falooda lovers out there, you have to have the Kulfi Rose Falooda to experience the authentic flavours of this oldest and favourite Indian drink. Have a look at their exceptional and devouring menu of the three regions that have a rich heritage in cultural food:

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Our journey began we some delightful starters at Masala Bay

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Subz Badami Shorba – This is a special dish for summers as it includes all the summer veggies that are garnished with almond flakes and have coriander and cumins added to it for a distinctive taste. An all time favourite for the veggie lovers.

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Bhatti Da Jheenga – A true delight for all the seafood lovers just like me. These were grilled tiger prawns that encompassed a smoky flavour that lingered in your mouth. Best enjoyed with the pudina chutney.

Chapli Kebab – This is a unique flat lamb kebab preparation from Afghanistan and is flavoured with crushed coriander, peppercorn and chilli flakes. Medium spicy and one of the best starter options.

Batti Gate De Tangdi Kebab – This is again a very refreshing take on barbeque chicken drum sticks that are marinated in a ginger-garlic curd paste. How can any Mughlai meal be complete without this addition right?

Lawrence Road De Tawe De Tikke – Soft and small lamb cubes are marinated overnight in raw papaya and garlic paste to give a perfectly tawa de tikke the next day. This has to be one of my most favourite dishes out of their lamb preparations. The best part about this is that despite the lamb preparation, one doesn’t feel stuffy or heavy.

With the Main Course we had another level of culinary journey to embark upon and the dishes that are a part of it are :

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Kadhai Murgh – This is a spicy and a fiery preparation of chicken that accentuates your taste buds with coriander and dry red chilli. You can choose between the assorted Indian breads that also included Afghani Naan to go with the gravy.

Rawalpindi Channa – Chickpeas were cooked over charcoal fire to add such a rich taste of the region.

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Chingri Malai Curry –This is a classic Bengali prawns curry cooked in rich coconut milk and it was so contrasting yet uniquely different than the bhatti da jheenga. Two of the most distinguished prawns dishes these were.

Dal Makhani – Who doesn’t like dal makhani right? No Punjabi khaana can be complete without this black lentils preparation.

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Masaledar Keema Chaap – Say hello to a traditional Peshawari dish of both lamb ribs and minced lamb that ics cooked with cumin, cardamom and mace. I love this dish for a refreshing twist on the chaap preparation.

Lasooni Palak – The bestttttt palak I have ever had and I am not kdding. The Chef described it as a creamy spinach dish that is prepared in a manner that cuts down the iron and brings out the garlic flavour in the best possible way.

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Afghani Kabuli Pulao – A pit-stop at Afghanistan’s lanes of authentic food where everyone would end their dinner with few spoons of Kabuli Pulao and then one would speak about why exactly we need this merger of taste palettes across regions and cultures. So rich in every bite!!!

Our Desserts from Masala Bay, Taj Lands End

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Mughlai sweet indulgence through Tille Wali Kulfi and the Sandesh Platter brought forward a mix of traditional Bengali sweets. The kulfi was smeared with falooda and the sandesh also included the very famous melted jaggery stuffing right in the centre along with the regular ones.

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I’ll leave you’ll with what Chef Anirudhya Roy – Executive Chef, Taj Lands End had to say about this culinary journey – “We wanted to trace the intricately interwoven cuisine that travellers have carried with them for centuries. The menu is curated to toast and reminisce our age old traditions that might have elapsed over the years. We at Taj Lands End wish to revive age old customs through a delectable walk down the Grand Trunk Road.”

Of all the things I love about Bandra, Taj Lands End is definitely one among the main reasons and combined with the cuisines they offer, they are a total delight!

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