Traditional Barbeque & Hot Pot Nights at China House

I have always been a fan of the Traditional Barbeque & Authentic Hot Pot, which is usually found in every Chinese household. This dish is directly prepared on your dining table. It contains a pot with spicy stock that is self-heating which also comes along with so many different varieties meats, veggies and noodles that are aligned right next to the pot. You get to choose all the different toppings and ingredients as per your likes and preferences that are then tossed into the simmering pot. Usually, in every Chinese household, you will find an electric pot made to fit right in the center of every table. As they whip up a meal together as a family on the table, this meal is supposed to be relaxed, conversational, long and completely healthy. As the pot boils you get to catch up with your friends and family.

There’s no better way to celebrate the month of love than by dining at the outdoor setting of China House Pagoda which is an ideal winter setting for your dining sessions. I loved the soothing water setting on either side of the table and the candlelight further makes it even more romantic. Our interaction with Chef Xiang Bin Li was such an interesting one as I got to learn the exact steps and what goes in first and what goes in last to make for yourself a delectable Chinese Hot Pot. China House is both mine and Salman’s favorite Chinese restaurant in the city topped with a special live Traditional Barbeque and Chinese Hot Pot makes it even more special. The Hot Pot has both options for vegetarians and non-vegetarians as well.

Some of my favourite live Traditional Barbeque grills were Lotus Root Grills, Tofu Grills, different types of mushrooms and chicken and lamb grills.

You can also drop by at the Khau Galli created by Grand Hyatt Mumbai in the lobby, which will take you through all the nooks and corners of Mumbai for some lip smacking authentic street style food.

You can also sip on some fresh sugarcane juice or try out the Kala Khatta Cocktail amongst many other options of both cocktails and mocktails. Perfect for an ideal winter date with your cooler half.

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