Tiqri Goes Live at Taj Santacruz


Taj hotels have always been an epitome of luxury and elegance and it takes me all the way back when I was small. Those gatherings and get-togethers, family functions or special occasions all made perfectly memorable at the Taj properties. I was even more ecstatic when Taj launched their new property at Santacruz near the domestic airport for many reasons but most importantly because it is so well connected and close by from Bandra. So, yayyy!! I am also in love with the global cuisine at Taj Santacruz Tiqri and you guys have already read all about those dining experiences on the blog. Especially the Iftaari session at Tiqri, with the Tree Of Life art and the changing moon, it was a perfect Ramadan evening spent there. Plus, the kind of queries and love we received on our Snapchat was so overwhelming. This time around we had a very special invite to the Tiqri Bar & Lounge area for a special treat.

This time it was all about the live music and performances along with some themed cocktails with sky-high ceilings and an ambience, that is a class apart. Whether it is a mundane Monday or you aren’t sure where to spend your weekends, dropping by Tiqri Bar & Lounge will jazz up your evenings and set the tone for the entire week, trust me.

We spent our evenings dedicating our favourite songs to each other, right from old classics to peppy numbers. The spunky duo of Riya and Simran (Simetri), were the live performers for the evening and Tiqri Bar & Lounge has an amazing line-up of various talented singers and DJs to keep your feet tapping.

Right from the grills and healthy bites, Tiqri Bar & Lounge has combined their signature cocktails along with their quick bites to bring out the flavours of the drinks. The combinations of the drinks and their healthy bites go hand in hand. Make sure to try the cashews & muesli snacks, which have a tangy spicy taste and go will with bubbly whites and flirty reds. We had a gala time getting to see the bartenders in action spinning their magic on some of the most loved cocktails.

Here’s the Tiqri Bar & Lounge Special cocktail is made. The “Golden Spice Entice” is made by setting the drink ablaze and then finally transferring the drink into your pre-heated glass. Sheer brilliance!!

You can also try out their Tree Of Life Sangria, Cherry Berry Rose to name a few from their cocktails menu and also these for an unmatched spirited experience – Malbec, Pinot Noir, Merlot Blends, Chardonnay, Genache Syrah, Sangiovese and more.

I loved their appetisers, especially the prawns and fish delicacies, the grills, veg poutine, calamari frito, caramelized onion and mushroom flat bread, etc. We ended our night at the Tiqri grand buffet and you will be surprised at the vast choices of healthy bites we had right from the salads, barbeques, grills and brown rice and their Mexican cuisine.

All you music lovers, TIQRI Bar & Lounge is going to be your newfound LOVE!

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