Newly launched Tip Tac Toe Nail Lacquers By Sugar Cosmetics

Tip Tac Toe Nail

Sugar Cosmetics has just launched their 6 new metallic shades in their Tip Tac Toe Nail Lacquer range. Firstly, I have been a big fan of their classic and matte colours and now the pro – “metallic colours” have just swooned me over. So it would be only fair for me to give you a first-hand detailed review + show you guys my real lacquer coated nails. Those of you who love metallic bling with hints of deeper colours are in for a treat too. Especially now, when the weather is so gloomy with the downpour, these metallic babies will lift up your mood right up.

Take a look at the first shade – Tip Tac Toe Nail Lacquer 039 Bold As Brass. It is the perfect metallic brass shade that can jazz up any look. My suggestion would be to pair this shade with an outfit that has warm undertones so that your nails are highlighted even more. These nail paints have an opaque finish and the best part about them is that they dry so quickly.

Tip Tac Toe Nail Lacquer 40 Rust For The Record is a beautiful metallic copper shade and I have been obsessed with this colour. I like the way light reflects on this shade and this can be a day or night colour. All of these shimmer shades are so easy to apply and this colour payoff that you see is through just one swipe.

Tip Tac Toe Nail Lacquer 41 Amethyst Actress – Say hello to this playful metallic purple shade which looks amazing in just one layer. I have been using this shade on my nails over 4 days now and boy, these haven’t chipped one bit.

Tip Tac Toe Nail Laquer 42 Rock And Rose – This is a romantic and date friendly metallic rose gold shade, which is not in your face shimmer. This shade is a total must have, especially for all the festivities around. Don’t you think so? All of these shades have been formulated in France and they have been designed with a non-toxic, non-streaky formula.

Tip Tac Toe Nail Laquer 43 Deep Brown Diopside – This metallic green shade with hints of turquoise is perfect for those beach parties. It is dreamy, shimmery and screams party!!! I love the grip on the applicators since they have been ergonomically designed for easy handling.

Tip Tac Toe Nail Lacquer 44 Sapphire Straits – True to its name, this metallic blue shade will be like a painting on your nails.

I love the colour palette, the finish and the packaging. Cannot wait to see what more Sugar Cosmetics has in store for us since this year, they have been one of my favourite make-up brands.

Wear your shine girls!!

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  1. Omg shade 43,44 😍😍😍😍👌👌👌 sooo gorgeous

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