Time To Be #DilKeAmeer

New Year calls for new resolutions and moving towards the goals we set aside each time around. But all these goals and aspirations are most of the times related to our careers, jobs, monies, housing and family matters. But then there are those unending things that everyone’s heart desires, be it small or big. But these are the things that bring out our inner kid and they are purely meant to give us real joys within. I mean when was the last time you put aside some me time for yourself and did few things that weren’t driven by work or office? I realized this right at the beginning of 2016 itself and even more when I came across this unique and intriguing hashtag called #DilKeAmeer

When I read up about it further on twitter, it led me to a separate microsite made by IDFC Mutual Fund where I had to answer few questions based on my likes, dreams, what gives me real happiness, etc. It was right then I realized that it is very important for me to take a break at times from my work, set aside some time for the things that I have been meaning to do for myself and actually go after them and make them happen. Things are never going to just happen for you as per your convenience. Infact we need to plan, initiate and turn them into reality for ourselves. I love every bit of my blogging work and I live for blogging, but then last year maximum of my trips were work trips and there wasn’t really a time set aside for the things I wanted for myself. When I saw the final video that was made from the microsite using the answers I gave, I realized for how long now I have yearned for a hot air balloon ride. You can check out that video right here.

#DilKeAmeer (1)

So when #DilKeAmeer presented me with an opportunity to head in the right direction of turning my dreams into a reality by taking one step at a time, I was ecstatic. Afterall, all it requires is that one small step in the right direction. This New Year, I’m not going to let my dreams take a backseat, instead a quick and prompt planning well in advance is going to give me wings.

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I’m so excited already to see what I might do next. Oh and by the way, I must mention here that I also got my certificate from the pilot of the Hot Air Balloon, who had specially flown down from Turkey to give us one heck of an experience. I can proudly cross one thing off my list now. Yayy!!! So what are you going to do that you have always wanted to do in your life but you have never got the chance to do it? Time to make things happen for ourselves… 😀 So what are you waiting for?? You can also be a part of #DilKeAmeer and make your own video right here.

#DilKeAmeer (5)

You might just get lucky to get to do the things you love.

Watch me fly with the clouds right here with #DilkeAmeer

Here are some more pictures from my #DilKeAmeer experience.

#DilKeAmeer (2)





#DilKeAmeer (8)

#DilKeAmeer (6)

#DilKeAmeer (7)

Now that one thing is off my list, this has opened up a huge list of possibilities and also given me the power to chase my dreams down one at a time and turn them into reality. Who knows what would I end up doing next? Skydiving and deep sea diving definitely on my list!!!

What is on your Bucket List ?? Leave a comment with what you would like to do.

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