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Asian Paints is known to always come up with innovative and new ideas that not only remodel your space but also add a bit of your own personality to the space you are designing or colouring. This time around, Asian Paints decided to come up with an idea that opens up an array of opportunities for you to not only design new spaces but also replenish and give a different life altogether to your old spaces or furniture. The idea behind this #StatementFurniture is to make the most of the various options presented by Asian Paints which can be looked into and explored at their signature store in Bandra, Mumbai.

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I was so super thrilled and excited to be a part of this Asian Paints initiative for the simple reason that we all crib we need to spend so much when it comes to redecorating our house/office and the sad part is we also need to throw out the old furniture at times. I for one have loads of furniture that goes way back to my ancestors and there’s no way I would even think of throwing them away but now I can easily redesign and replenish the old pieces into new thanks to Asian Paints. Check out their Woodtech Studio Concept right here

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Deepa, the Woodtech Expert took us through the various concepts and ideation that led upto redesigning your living spaces with Asian Paints.

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One can now laminate, change the colour, use a layering of vinyl or even add a colour coated glass atop your old furniture to revamp your old statement furniture that your not ready to part with yet. You can be your creative genius and design the statement furniture as per your needs. I particularly love their WoodtechPolyster, which at the first glance feels just like glass textured but it isn’t actually. All the textures at Asian Paints have been designed considering the shine, polish, finish and glossiness. Another great concept is called “Color On Wood” by Asian Paints that allows you to give a coloured coat of a glossy material on top of your wooden furniture to give it a very classy finish. Imagine the colour options mixed with the unlimited varieties of wood that suits your space and speaks in abundance of your personality.
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If this isn’t enough, Asian Paints has also brought to the table varieties of other finishes like Emporio PU Palette, PU, PU Palette, Emporio, etc. Imagine being away from home and yet designing a part of your living space that makes you feel like your sitting right in your humble abode at your hometown. Asian Paints is planning on re-designing statement furniture pieces as per different cities in India to make everyone feel at home!! I am also thoroughly in love with the home designs that were curated by none other than Sabyasachi Mukherjee along with Deepika Padukone for some exceptional spaces.

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Make sure to drop by at their signature Asian Paints Store in Bandra West to be a part of this Statement Furniture revolution!

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  2. Love the colors! Love the special effects! There was a time when people had to go for wallpapers if they wanted to give their walls a different look, but now even paints have so many options

    1. Yea it has become to advanced !!. I am having a contest with Asian Paints for an awesome prize of Rs. 30,000 makeover. Check it out here

  3. #Statement Furniture Revolution is definitely great @Asianpaints #ColourStoreBandra #sassyshifsays 💗💚❤💙💛💜

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