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It has been almost 3 months now that I have been regularly visiting Cheryl’s Cosmeceuticals for my super sensitive skin care treatments. Those of you following my blog regularly already know about my experience with Cheryl’s SensiNZyme and SensiGlow treatments. In case you missed out on those articles then catch them right here.

The reason I decided to opt for the same SensiNZyme treatment as I did last time is because this is one of the gentlest exfoliations and a must do for sensitive skin. My skin was feeling supple and moisturized for almost 30 days after the last treatment. Hence I decided to go for this yet again and after speaking with the Head Expert at Cheryl’s Cosmeceuticals Mr. Presley Coelho, I was even more assured of making the right choice. He explained to me all about the problems, signs and warnings that help us decide our skin type. For example, if your skin becomes reddish immediately within seconds of the sun exposure or it reacts to most of the products you use on your skin or it can’t handle extreme heat or cold, then your skin falls under the sensitive skin category just like mine. People like me who have sensitive skin need to take extra care of their skin, as anything can be a trigger for breakouts or allergies. This combined with enlarged pores and greasy texture often leads to easy acne breakouts that tend to leave marks behind on your face. If you face all of the problems and signs mentioned above, then you too fall under the “Oily, Sensitive and Acne Prone Skin” category and the only way to steer clear of these problems is to identify the problems and find permanent solutions.

The SensiNZyme treatment is an enzymatic treatment suitable for sensitive skin which otherwise cannot handle any moisture boost. The SensiNZyme treatment instantly lightens and evens out the skin texture, gets rid of those pimple marks and makes your skin soft and moisturized.

You can immediately spot the difference on your skin post the SensiNZyme treatment (as you can see in the picture, I am not wearing any make-up just a lipstick) since it gets rid of the layer of dead skin on the surface. My face felt clean and baby-like soft post this. One more important aspect of sensitive skin care routine is the face wash, moisturizing and the protection against the harmful rays of the sun.

This has been my religious skin routine for the last 3 months and I just cannot do without these products from Cheryl’s Cosmeceuticals:

  • Cheryl’s Derma Shade Sun Block SPF 30 – This is an ideal sunblock for sensitive skin. It is a broad spectrum and it doesn’t get degraded in the sunlight. You can be assured about the highest level of protection against UVA & UVB rays. I prefer to apply this every single time beneath my make-up since this sunblock sits on the surface on your skin and doesn’t sink in, it doesn’t allow make-up also to clog your pores. It gives you 71/2 hour protection against the sun. To apply, shake the bottle and spray a little amount on your palm. Dot it using tiny amounts on your fingertips across all over your neck and face. Gently massage in circular motion and pat it dry towards the end till you see no residue left. The Derma Shade sun block is non-greasy, lightweight and it is extremely rich in anti-oxidants that prevent your skin from the damage by the free radicals created by UV.
  • SensiWash – This is an extremely light and gentle foaming cleanser for sensitive skin. It contains Vitamin B3, Alpha Lipoic Acid and phragmites kharka and poria cocos extracts that normalizes skin’s natural balance and gets rid of any skin irritation and redness. I have been using it daily for the last 3 months twice a day and my skin doesn’t feel dry or patchy even during winters especially.
  • SensiMoist – After cleansing my face with SensiWash, I use SensiMoist moisturizer, which is ideal to repair and hydrate your sensitive skin. Your skin texture will feel improved and completely hydrated. The plant extracts like olive oil leaf and kinetin allows your skin to hold more moisture. Since this is a non-greasy and oil-free moisturizer, you can also use it beneath your make-up. Your sensitive skin will thank you by including this in your skin regime.

After completing 3 months of experiential with Cheryl’s Cosmeceuticals, I can now say that my super sensitive skin is so much taken care of compared to before and my skin doesn’t react that easily now to new products. I will be continuing to use these products though since with sensitive skin “sticking with the products that suit you” is the key!!! Can’t wait to try out other treatments from Cheryl’s Cosmeceuticals.

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