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As the downpour of the rain continues, it becomes even more crucial for us to take care of our skin. For someone like me who uses make-up on a regular basis and has extra sensitive and oily skin, needs to remember to tone, moisturize, cleanse and regularly opt for facials that suits your skin type. There are certain things that should be left to the professionals and that is exactly why I was super excited when I heard about Cheryl’s Cosmeceuticals as they are the first professional skincare brand of our Country and they are known to provide expert diagnostic ecosystem through years of their research and innovative products.

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I met up with their expert Mr. Presley Coelho at their head quarters in Mumbai and he is the National Education Manager at Cheryl’s Cosmeceuticals. He explained to me in depth about how important it is to first determine your skin type and highlight the concerns and only then think of using the products that we use. Secondly, Cheryl’s Cosmeceuticals combines science and technology to combat all kinds of skin problems whether they are just at the surface or deep rooted due to hormonal imbalance or lifestyle changes. What becomes essential is the diagnosis because if that goes wrong than your skin can face the consequences.

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This is exactly where their one of a kind Skin Scan App comes handy that is introduced by Cheryl’s Cosmeceuticals in India which is the country’s first ever in-salon app. Once you answer few questions related to skin type, the texture, age, etc. your problem areas can be highlighted and we can actually use this app from our homes after our first visit. Depending on the end result, the app will recommend which treatments, facials or products you need to use. For me the two problem areas are oily and sensitive skin. Till date, I have been using products to control my oiliness. But thanks to Mr. Presley, he informed me that it is extremely important to take care of my sensitive skin first and then the oily skin problem will be tackled on its own. Because of sensitivity, my skin faces a lot of problems on a day-to-day basis. Hence, basis his diagnosis and the skin scan app analysis, I was suggested to opt for SensiGlow Facial that is sold only at Cheryl’s Cosmeceuticals or with select salons. These products cannot be bought from your stores next door.

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Other than the skin app analysis, Cheryl’s Cosmeceuticals experts will also use other breakthrough diagnostic tools like Cheryl’s Woodlamp. This tool has a UV light and it shows the clogging of pores and highlights your problem areas so that the experts know exactly which approach to take for your skincare. For me, it showed a lot of pores blockage that eventually leads to blackheads.

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So moving on to my first ever-harmonizing facial called “SensiGlow” by Cheryl’s Cosmeceuticals that combines the goodness of cosmetics and pharmaceuticals to bring a complete skin care solution for people with super sensitive skin. It contains sodium PCA and sea buckthorn oil that is known to revitalize and moisturize your skin instantaneously. The best part about this facial is that, it comes in easy to use 6 small packs in one box. The beauty expert has to start using the different packs, based on the numbers mentioned on it from 1 to 6. Easy to use and controlled products will be used, as there isn’t any scope of excess usage of the products. Here are the quick 6 steps of their SensiGlow facial :

Step 1 – Cleansing :


Cheryl’s SensiCleanse contains Aloe Vera, Chamomile Oil and Canadian Willow Herb that work on your skin to make it soft and reduce any kind of irritation. It was so soothing on my skin and the massage technique lies in pressing the right pressure points around your face.

Step 2 – Deep Cleansing

Satchet No. 2 contains all the ingredients for SensiWash that takes care of your clogged pores and gives your face a very clean look. The anti-clockwise massaging technique helps in calming your skin further. Towards the end, it is wiped with clean cotton.

Step 3 – Toning

Satchet No. 3 contains the toning agent by Cheryl’s Cosmeceuticals called SensiFresh. The expert used it on a cotton pad to dab it around the face and neck in fast, rapid movements.

Step 4 – Massage

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Cheryl’s SensiGel is used to massage on your skin that contains Calendula oil and Butterbur extract. These properties when used in a combined way are known to reduce redness and inflammation. The massaging technique is again very important which most of the times at other salons isn’t perfected as much.

Step 5 – Mask

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SensiMask is applied onto your skin using a brush and it is left for almost 15 minutes. This mask is a best dose of hydration for your sensitive skin as it contains lactic acid and niacinamide that adds a natural glow on your face.

Step 6 – Refreshing

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My face was sprayed with Cheryl’s SkinSaver. It will protect your skin from all the dirt and pollution. Mr. Presley also applied a small quantity of Cheryl’s DermaShade Sunblock spray that is patted on the face and not rubbed as you can see in the picture.

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Unlike the other facials, post SensiGlow, one can even apply make-up immediately and you can also spot the difference once the treatment is over. Stay Tuned guys and girls for my routine of skin care with Cheryl’s Cosmeceuticals as it isn’t a one time thing. Skin Care needs to be followed on a regular basis. I will keep you up-to-date on my Cheryl’s Skin Care Regime.

Designed exclusively for salon professionals, Skin Scan is the Ultimate Skin Diagnosis and Consultation Approach that will enable skin experts to provide their clients with accurate and customized skincare recommendations and treatments at the touch of a button. This will not only help client’s get a targeted solution for their concerns but will also enhance their overall experience. Cheryl’s Cosmeceuticals Skin Scan App will allow professionals to elevate their expertise and recommend personalized/customized skincare solutions basis client’s skin profile. This App allows synchronizing client data between devices enabling salons to offer direct targeted recommendation via emails.

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