Say NO To Shortcuts With 2016

Right at the start of the year itself, I had thought to myself of no self-promises or resolutions are going to be made this time around. It is simply going to be doing the right thing at the moment as and when required and living life to its best potential. Here’s one such video that supports living life  in this manner, minus the easy shortcuts that are so tempting.

Exide Life Insurance Present Mr. Jugaadulal

After all, resolutions sound like someone has held a gun to our heads and is forcing us to do what we promised maybe not meaning it fully or if by any chance we decided to prioritize something else basis our situation. So who is to decide the real right or wrong or which way is the actual way of it happening? Do we sit and stick to what we decided at first or do we handle situations based on what needs to be done NOW at the moment? Well, isn’t that the million-dollar question and I would give anything to get this answered for myself.

Exide Life
I’m Sure we all have done this at some point in our life 😛

I will admit, there were so many things I did in 2015, which I wished I didn’t do or atleast I wish I did them differently and at that particular time, not later. So in 2016 of all the things if I can vouch for, then it definitely has to be me not taking any shortcuts whatsoever, no matter how smart the solutions are or no matter how jugaadu my output is. Because take it from me, these wittiest squeezing way out of situations are the most short lived ever, to only come back with bigger problems. Hence, #NoMoreShortCuts for me in 2016!! Last year, since the very beginning of January, our society had the problem of termites on the outer wall of our building, which had my wardrobes resting at from the inner side. Everyone at home told me to get it fixed ASAP as the termites destroy walls and buildings, including the wardrobes if they aren’t termite proof. My intuitive mind thought of an easy solution instead which had zero cost attached to it. My solution to this termite situation was to simply apply a thick transparent layer of plastic on the back of my wardrobes as I read it somewhere that termites cannot eat through plastic. I was too lazy to empty my cupboards, shift to someplace else, get the house termite proof and then shift back. I really thought since this problem is from the outer side of the building, it wont affect my wardrobes and ofcourse my jugaadu mind had it covered with the plastic sheet idea already. Little did I know that within less than a span of 30 days, I would not have the back of my wardrobes, including few clothes that just disappeared since they were ofcourse attacked by the termites. So now the situation is, we have moved out to break down the entire room and redo the place completely. If only I had acted back then with some seriousness and some smart choices. SIGH!! Now no point in crying over spilt milk, but this taught me a lot. Hence, 2016 I know there are going to be no shortcuts whatsoever from my end.

2016 needs to be welcomed with smarter choices, apt decisions, timely actions and well thought after plans be it for something small or big. Give your attention equally to the matters of the heart and mind, home or work, serious or no and no matter how small a problem may seem, trust me finding the perfect solution is the only key. Or else, you are definitely going to be finding yourself in a bigger rut, just like my situation. Talking about smarter choices, I recently came across Exide Life insurance policies that talk highly about taking no shortcuts to anything in life and they also live by and breathe this philosophy that really needs to be the mantra for the year. When I saw their video, is exactly when I was intrigued to read more about them and their services as I found their very concept very interesting. No one should have to make do with being a jugaadu. And Exide Life has some excellent choices of selecting the right plan and investing in the long-term financial securities for a better and a secured life for your loved ones. They have come up with some excellent long-term plans that one can invest in without having to worry about making the right choice as it doesn’t get any better than them. Financial security and investments need the right planning and guidance from the very beginning and with Exide Life by my side, I am fully at ease.

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