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Grand Hyatt Mumbai never ceases to impress us with their innovative and intriguing culinary experiences mixed with what you love doing the most on a personal note. This time around, it is a date at The Bar at Grand Hyatt Mumbai. With a large screen broadcasting the EURO Cup 2016 football matches live, all you need is to get your pals to sit down for a memorable match alongside some beer and lip smacking food. This time around, The Bar has a phenomenal spread of dishes and cocktails all themed around the EURO Cup 2016.

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At the entrance the selfies cut-outs of the players will welcome you along with the flags of the opposite teams for you and your friends to pick sides and pose accordingly. If you thought you are going to be a mere audience at the soccer game, the you are in for a surprise.

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Grand Hyatt Mumbai has crafted an on-the field experience just for you to score a goal or two and challenge your opponent. Once you have scored those goals, be prepared to be pampered with offers and some beer bundled packages. EURO Cup 2016 (14)

Their EURO Cup 2016 “Bladder Burst Challenge” is a must try for all you beer lovers! All you have to do is not get up from your table till the end of the match and you will win for yourself unlimited beer just at Rs. 1,000/- Now who is up for this challenge?? I personally think this is a great way to mix the off-field and on-field experience while bringing our sportsmanship to play for a memorable round of soccer with your best buds.

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We witnessed the EURO Cup 2016 Wales Vs. Northern Ireland game wherein Wales won due to the home goal by Northern Ireland. One intense and an interesting game this turned out to be. We also got to witness the Switzerland Vs. Poland match, which came down to nail biting penalties for both the teams. Then there was the grand finish by team Poland.

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Did I mention about the EURO Cup 2016 themed food that we went nuts over? Have a look right here :

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Veg Tapas & Breads – An assortment of bread sticks to munch on with various spices & dips.

Fried Onion Rings – These were our favourites as it had the stuffing of melted bocconcini with saffron aioli. The perfect starter for our evening.

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Potato Bravas – Served with spicy tomato sauce and these are the best bites to go with your beer. The dip just adds so much flavour to the traditionally cooked potato.

EURO Cup 2016 (7)Lamb Empanadas – These come with chimichurri dip and are again super light puffs that go with almost any liquor of your choice.

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Chorizo Glazed In Honey And Red Wine – I don’t eat pork, but those who do, make sire to order this for your next game by The Bar.

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Beer Batter Becti Fish N’ Chips – This is again roasted with aioli and is crispy on the outside and super soft fish potions on the inside. Even though I am not a big fan of the fish & chips dish I really enjoyed this one.

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Deep Fried Squid – These were roasted with pepper aioli and green olives in the centre to tease your taste buds. Anyone who enjoys squid should definitely go for this.

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Churros With Chocolate Sauce – These are the softest and one of the best desserts crafted specially for the EURO Cup 2016. The Churros just melt in your mouth.

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Tres Leches Slice – This is what I call a truly sinful dark chocolate delight!! It was a perfect end to the evening & this dessert was so light I couldn’t believe it.

The quarter finals of the EURO Cup 2016 kick-start form 1st July 2016, so hurry and book your tables NOW!!

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