The New Himalaya Mouthwash Range

Himalaya Mouthwash

If there’s one thing you will find me carrying in my bag at all times especially during travels is a mouthwash (other then gums). In my last 3-4 style coaching sessions people from different walks of life have asked me tips on some quick fixes and techniques to get whiter, shinier teeth and healthy gums. I would say what I recommend in all my sessions as well that there are no shortcuts when it comes to hygiene and dental care and I for one like to stay away from harsh chemical as much as possible. In the last grooming workshop that I helmed I made sure that people understand and accept the importance of our overall well being which requires certain grooming standards to be met while taking care of our personal hygiene. Oral care is one of the most ignored things in our country especially. I was pleasantly surprised and happy to see Himalaya come up with not one but 3 latest mouthwashes that cover all of the things discussed above.

Here are the 3 types of the Himalaya Mouthwash Range 

Himalaya Sparkling White Mouthwash, Himalaya Complete Care Mouthwash and Himalaya Active Fresh Mouthwash.

My favourite is the Himalaya Sparkling White Mouthwash, which should be your ideal pick if you want whiter teeth and if you suffer from staining problems. If you too are a tea lover like me or enjoy your aerated drinks then trust me this mouthwash will get rid of all the discoloration of your teeth.

Himalaya Mouthwash
Himalaya Sparkling White Mouthwash

The best part about it is that the Himalaya Sparkling White Mouthwash gives you sparkling white teeth without any chemical bleach as they have used a herbal formulation based on plant enzyme technology derived from Papaya and Pineapple. The fruit enzyme will retain the natural white balance of your teeth and it also kills 99.9% of bacteria in your mouth. It is ideal for overnight use as well as it provides up to 12 hours of protection from germs. All of the Himalaya Mouthwashes are fluoride free, chemically tested and they do not contain alcohol.

Himalaya Mouthwash
Himalaya Complete Care Mouthwash

If you see a lot of plaque build up on your teeth then the Himalaya Complete Care Mouthwash will be an ideal choice for you. This mouthwash has been specially formulated with an active formulation of nature’s best-kept ingredients like Miswak, Neem and pomegranate. This will not only kill 99.9 % bacteria but it will also strengthen your teeth and protect your gums. I also like the fact that none of the mouthwashes cause a burning or tingling sensation in your mouth.

Himalaya Mouthwash
Himalaya Active Fresh Mouthwash

The third one from the new mouthwash range is Himalaya Active Fresh Mouthwash, which has been formulated to ensure you have long lasting fresh breath at all times. It contains fennel and mint that takes care of mouth odour and gives you long lasting fresh breath for up to 12 hours. An ideal one and a handy one, which can be, used post all our heavy-duty Indian means.

Himalaya Mouthwash
Comment below which one you think you will like the most !!!

Kudos to Himalaya as they have covered teeth whitening, fresh breath and healthy gums solutions through their latest mouthwashes range. The entire range can be shopped just for Rs. 95 for 215 ml bottle. They are also available at retail outlets in your city and on

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  1. Good to know about the products, these are cost effective, i will suggest two-three people …they need it badly, specially the active fresh.

    1. Yeah all 3 were really good. Better than I expected when I first got the products :).

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