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I recently came across this brand called “Banjara’s” which is one of the leading herbal brands while searching for a change of mild face wash from my previous one. I usually like to use a mix of 2-3 face washes to see which suits my skin the best. It’s a habit set in right during my childhood days by my mom. But now I like to try out products, experiment with different options and then stick to one that actually plays along with my super sensitive skin in the the best way possible. So while researching I read up a lot about Banjara’s as a brand and what they do to bring us one step closer to nature!! Here’s the video that I stumbled upon while reading up about them –

Their focus has always been on bringing forth beauty care, skin care and hair care products that are derived with natural ingredients and are some of the best mild products to use, especially for sensitive skin. They have been striving to bring the best of what nature has to offer in the form of Banjara’s products that are made without any fillers or harmful preservatives. After talking to few friends and relatives who I know had used these products before, these were their favourites from their wide range – The Multani & Orange Face Wash which is ideal to reduce any pigmentation or marks on your skin and give your face a natural radiance.
The Multani & Orange Face Wash Banjara's
The Face Pack of Multani & Papaya which removes the dead skin cells and rejuvenates your skin immediately. You will notice the difference the next day even more.
The Brazilian Black Hair Dye is also made using all natural ingredients that do not cause any irritation or react on your skin. In fact, for those of you who want to just try out hair colouring for the first time and are afraid to do so because of the addition of so many chemicals, then this is an ideal product for you.
The Samvridhi Hair Oil will ensure that your hair gets the required nourishment, regardless of the season and it also relieves you of any stress. This product is one of the favourites as it has all the essential Ayurvedic blends to get rid of hair fall related worries.

The fact that Banjara’s products are made after putting in so much thought about the nature, the goodness it offers and the benefits we can avail, says a lot about their brand as a whole. Their whole ideology is simple and to the point – Respect nature & it will give back in 100 folds!!! Isn’t that true all the time?? I have heard my grand mums say that and I believe so that nature has the answers to almost all our skin, hair and beauty woes!! All we need to do is trust a little and not be afraid to try out best natural options that are healthy for our skin and hair.

I’m also happy to read up that Banjara’s brand is listed under PETA’s cruelty-free companies and it’s actually so good to see that their products are not tested on animals. I’m gonna leave you all with a link to try out their free samplesUntil next time loves!!

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