I have put together these stunner and personal favorite nail designs as summer picks for all occasions. These manicures are perfect for your big formal event or casual lighter days. Whether you’re looking for fun, fierce, romantic, glam or totally funky nail art, these designs have it all! Get inspired and get ideas! Get ready to have the best nails for the days coming ahead, shout out to the rain Gods in style!

1) Ombre Sparkle

Nail Art 1
This glitter, ombre manicure is romantic but fierce for any special occasion. All you need for this is a translucent clear coat of nail paint on which you could choose any variant of glitter in any particular shade to go with your dress.

2) Patterns and Charms

Nail Art 2

If that event you are going to calls for a glam look, then you could opt for this silver metallic decoration with mixed pattern manicure. Check out that silver charm! You could choose your own designs / beads / diamonds to give those nails that diva look!

3) Pastel Reverse French Manicure

Nail Art 3

Lily Allen’s Pastel Purple Reverse French Manicure is a perfect match between chic yet party look. The beads on the dress have a tinge of purple & hence this nail colour goes too damn well with the ensemble.

4) Talon Nails

Nail Art 4
How could RiRi be away from the head turner nail art designs. Here she flashes her well decorated talons with a white & silver base coat with an artistic design.

5) Different Ring Finger

Nail Art 5
Instead of a top coat you can give your ring finger a sheen of glitter. Gives new meaning to bling on your finger! I’ve tried these designs like a zillion times. All you have to do is just select a contrast / bling shade for your ring finger.

Nail Art 6

Vanessa Hudgens beautiful ring finger manicure trend.

6) Half Moon Patterns

Nail Art 7
This is an easy Nail Design for Beginners at Home. Go let your half moons shine through your nail paints. Again, go for contrasting colors to highlight these designs.

7) Heart Design on Ring Finger

Nail Art 8
Valentine Ring Finger Design is perfect for your dinner date. A touch of red can always brighten up your day!

8) Really, Really Colorful

Nail Art 9
Pink French with Summery Red & Orange Flower Vine Design Colorful Nail makes every nail a work of art.

9) Artfully Placed Polka Dots

Nail Art  10
This subtle nail design is perfect for a funky work day or even a laid back lazy girly time. You can see Meghan Trainor donning this stylish yet simple look.

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  1. Soon Valentine’s Day and I liked the design of red nails and heart on Ring Finger. It is restrained and stylish I think this design for me.

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