Morphy Richards Brings Smart Technology To India Through Its Latest Launches

Morphy Richards

Last week we were a part of an exceptional launch by Morphy Richards that saw three of their best global range of products being introduced to India. Morphy has always been a pioneer and a leading worldwide manufacturer of domestic appliances that are of utmost importance in every household. The three newly launched range of products – Redefine, Prism and Total Control are going to be complete game changers for the Indian households. I have always had a strong connect with the brand Morphy Richards since the longest time now because most of my mom’s oldest and favourite home appliances are of the same brand. Not only that, all my friends and family members dispersed over Canada, America, Middle East, UK and Europe have been using Morphy Richards appliances since they are the only ones combining the technological advancements and unique designs that cater to different lifestyles in different countries.

Three New Ranges from Morphy RIchards
Three New Ranges from Morphy RIchards

Commenting on the launch Shekhar Bajaj, Chairman and Managing Director Bajaj Electricals Ltd, said, “Modern lifestyles call for modern homes and convenient living. That’s exactly what’s going to be on offer with global range of Morphy Richards. Their beautiful designs and smart response technology is sure to adorn your modern homes and give them an ultra-polished look.”

Morphy Richards Redesign Home Appliance Range
Watch it Toast 🙂

It is such a refreshing change to see a worldwide leading brand like Morphy Richards bring their premium products in our Indian kitchens and living rooms. The first range was called Redefine, which boasts of some of the most innovative products that look high end and are of utmost premium quality.

The designs are very chic and stylish and each and every appliance has an aesthetic value to it. The USP of this range is the “Intelligent ThermoGlass Technology” which due to its transparency gives you an upper hand to see the ingredients/water being boiled or cooked to perfection. The product range comes with illuminated body, countdown timer and sound notifications. The Redefine range will be loved by individuals who prefer aesthetic styles.

Prism Range by Morphy Richards India
Nothing like a Pop of colour to brighten up your home

Prism range contains some colourful textured polished kettles that come with toasters in the same colour combination. This range was in sync with my own beliefs, personal preferences and style. Those of you like me who love to think out of the box and go against the tide will definitely love the Prism collection. The USP of Prism range is the textured finish combined with head turner designs.

The third range called Total Control, has an exceptional range of products right from table blenders to hand mixers to hand blenders and stand mixer pro that helps you to prepare everything from pesto’s to cakes, soups to sauces, anything and everything you want effortlessly. This range truly gives you the power to create with confidence since it is equipped with Smart Response Technology for total control. This technology not only is energy efficient but you will actually see the improvement in results when these appliances produce a better mixture in half of the time taken by your old devices. All these products detect the motor load on their own and they automatically increase or decrease power and the spindle speed depending upon on its load sensing.

SassyShifSays with Morphy Richards
For the Sassiest Smoothies in Town

At the event, Morphy Richards had also planned some really interesting activities for all the bloggers. We were all given a real time demo on the uses and the practicality on all the newly launched products. Post that we were divided into two teams and based on the recipes we had to use the particular home appliances and whichever team finishes it first would be declared the winner. Right from making the dough on the appliances to smoothies and mocktails, we tried to cover it all through the competitions. I was a part of team Red and we won the competition that was judged based on the quickness, efficiency, presentation and device usability.

With this, Morphy Richards has truly taken luxury to another level and made lives easier and healthier because with appliances like these no one would ever want to skip breakfast or meals due to lack of time. I so cannot wait to get my hands on some of my personal favourite appliances.

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