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PAC Cosmetics

One of my very first beauty blenders, which I prefer using on a daily basis, was of PAC Cosmetics and I loved their durability from the beginning. At this time and age, beauty blenders have become far more important than the products used like foundations, cc or bb creams, concealers, contour creams, etc. The reason is simple – If your make-up isn’t blended well, no matter how expensive your product is, the outcome will be heartbreaking. So ladies & ladies, if you too want a flawless finish to your makeup, then it is about time for you to invest in the right beauty blending tool that understands your needs and complements your skin type. My excitement is through the roof as I review in detail and test out the all new and latest beauty blenders by PAC Cosmetics.

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So these are the new PAC Cosmetics Beauty Blender variants that were launched:

  • PAC 2D Beauty Blender – This is one comes divided into two different sides. One side is cut into a slanting area for you to cover the under eye area or work on places where you prefer a flatter surface. The other side is rounded off like an egg and you get the same finish as you would get with any other beauty blender. See my video for a detailed description and make-up hacks using this 2D blender.
  • PAC Diamond Blender – One of my personal favorite blending tools out of all of the new launches. Firstly, this comes with a cute marble finish and the edges along with the cone shape makes it an even easier task for us to cover all the small areas around our face and eyes too. It is truly a multi-purpose blending tool and it acts as a great smudging tool for perfect smokey eyes effect! The emoji container is to die for. Cuteness Overload!!!!
  • PAC Ultimate Blending Ball – This blending ball comes in three different colors – yellow, white & black. The size becomes that of a tennis ball when wet and it is one of the finest and smoothest blending sponges I have ever used. Since it is big in size, it is an ideal tool to cover your neck and cheeks.
  • PAC Pack of 3 Blending Balls – This is a must have especially to cover your make-up needs on the go. The mesh pouch is ideal to carry all three blending balls in one place and these come in 3 different sizes that help you cover your entire face + get crease free under eye area with the smallest beauty ball.
  • PAC Silicon Sponge – I must admit that I had previously tried my hand at 1-2 sili sponge dupes that are easily available online, but I wasn’t quite happy with those. Thanks to the newly launched PAC Cosmetics Silicon Sponge, I fell in love with the diva glam flawless finish of my foundation, which actually looks like my second skin. If you want zero maintenance beauty blender along with a well-blended foundation finish, then PAC Silicon Sponge will blow your mind.

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This was my review about the newly launched beauty blenders by PAC Cosmetics. Check out the video review for the actual first impressions.

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