Last Call For Entry To Sign Up For #FutureOfJobs To Win Rs. 25 Lakhs

In a culturally diverse country like India, one thing that proves to be a great hurdle in the path of our progress is the availability of jobs as per the vast talents of each individual.  Just imagine how would our country be if each and every person had the job of their dreams where they get to be content at the end of the day by converting their hobbies and strength into a full-fledged workforce. It’s safe to say that there are very few individuals who are happy with their existing jobs. And there are many others who are highly qualified but still unemployed. I strongly believe in the fact that the way forward to eradicating this problem will be when entrepreneurs and businessmen who run their own shows, will strategize and chalk out a plan that grows their businesses along with opens the window of opportunities for many job seekers for different fields and workspace.  I am so impressed and blown away with #FutureOfJobs Initiative by Axis Bank, which has been launched across India.

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#FutureOfJobs is a one of a kind initiative which calls out to people like you and me and each and every individual who falls in the age group of 18-30 years and gives us the opportunity to “present ideas that will create one million jobs in the future”. Even in my online publication and blogging business, I knew it from the very beginning that expanding the team, creating job opportunities, working together with other fashion enthusiasts and giving a platform to eager and enthusiastic fresh graduates that otherwise have a difficult time getting a job easily will not only help me expand my own horizons but bring in different perspectives and skill sets that will take my Fashion and Lifestyle blog to another level. Creating sustainable jobs should be the vision of every entrepreneur and making sure that no matter what field you belong to, there is always a scope to expand your team for better and fruitful results in the future. After all, productive jobs will only mean more goods and services to consume. Especially in my field of fashion, beauty and lifestyle there is a huge scope every single second to mix technology and human resource that will contribute to the overall economic growth of our country as well.

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I am super excited about #FutureOfJobs giving each and every Indian this opportunity to create jobs. Here are the simple steps that you need to follow –

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  • The last date for submission for stage 1 is 15th Feb 2017
  • Submission should consist of a 750 words idea talking about the theme of #Futureofjobs.
  • Apart from the idea, you will also have to quickly take a quiz pertaining to the sector of job that you will create.
  • The idea will be judged on the parameters of sustainability, scalability, feasibility, and impact on the creation of direct and indirect employment.
  • The results of stage 1 will be declared on 25th February 2017.

So what are you waiting for people? If you think you have that creative streak in you that will help our country create jobs and also make you stand a chance to win the first prize of Rupees 25 Lakhs by #FutureOfJobs.

You can also Sign Up through my Facebook Post below.

May the best person win. Remember last date is 15th Feb. So hurry!!! For more details please visit: Future Of India Jobs.

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