When we think about fresh juice or making one ourselves the thing that holds us back the most is the tedious time consuming process. Usually it is easier to just order fresh juices online or step out to get one. But that personally makes me question the authenticity and the all-natural factor that goes into making a pure all natural juice. Also not to forget while working out I like to opt for fresh juices over energy drinks or canned juices. I don’t remember when was the last time I made one myself and now thanks to my mom she introduced me to Kent Cold Pressed Juicer. Trust me this is literally a health machine and here’s exactly why:


  • Its super easy to assemble and you can do it for yourself even if you are in a hurry or have less time.
  • Compared to the other juicers Kent Cold Pressed Juicer comes with a feature of low noise.


  • The process of juice extraction and the outflow of juices are quicker and smoother due to a powerful motor that ensures that juices are ready immediately.


  • All you have to do is cut the fruits and put them in the juicer one by one and then start the process.


  • The reverse action motor feature of Kent Cold Pressed Juicer prevents clogging and also makes it easier to clear the blockages if any.


  • Kent also has provided with a separate container that contains all the pulp waste.


  • It comes with a cleaning brush that makes your juicer cleaning process easy and quick.
  • Kent Cold Pressed Juicer is my ultimate partner for a healthy living.


I had tried making three different juices using Kent Cold Pressed Juicer to see how it works on different fruit textures. I made pineapple, carrot and apple juices using Kent Cold Pressed Juicer. The entire process is so super easy and quick. The only part that I wish was a bit easier would be the cleaning process. Alas that is the problem with most juicers and Kent has still managed to keep it simple with the help of the cleaning brush.

My family and me love whipping up all kinds of fresh juices and experiment on a daily basis now by mixing different flavours. The fact that you no longer have to be dependable on anyone else to get yourself a glass of fresh juice makes me give Kent Cold Pressed Juicer double thumbs up!!!

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