Incolor Dynamic Liquid Liner Review And First Impressions

Incolor Dynamic Liquid Liner

I have been trying out so many new liquid liners last month and I have also spoken about few of them in the previous blogs. But since the majority of you guys wanted me to talk about an affordable and lasting liquid liner option that covers both facets, I decided to blog about it the minute I came across one. So I am going to talk about the Incolor Dynamic Liquid Liner today.

Catch my detailed YouTube review right here

Here are the pros of the Incolor Dynamic Liquid Liner:

  • Affordably priced at Rs. 260/- and can be easily bought across any online portals. Buy it here
  • It has a shiny finish and a smooth gliding texture.
  • See the easy application for yourself in the video.
  • It comes off easily if you wet a tissue and rub it off or use a wet wipe. No need for any make-up remover.
  • The cap has a seal closure that works like a tic-tac pen upon applying pressure from the top.

Here are the Incolor Dynamic Liquid Liner cons:

  • It comes off easily if you sweat or if you stay in the sun for a longer duration.
  • Not everyone prefers a shiny liquid liner.
  • It dries up way too quickly if the cap isn’t secured in placed immediately within a minute of the application.
  • I am used to having slightly thicker liner pens, hence I find the width to be a bit way to thin.
  • I wish there was a better rubber grip around the edge of the tip.
  • The plastic material is slightly flimsy so you need to be extra careful while using this liquid liner pen. You cannot take the chance of dropping this on the floor :/.

I hope you gals liked my detailed review and first impressions on Incolor Dynamic Liquid Liner Pen.

Final Thoughts – I would buy it for a quick everyday use!!

You can buy it here too

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