Himalaya Intimate Care Range Is A Blessing For All Moms

Himalaya has been one of the oldest and the most trustworthy brand when it comes to overall wellness, skin care and hair care. I love how the brand is upping their game with every passing year and bringing for us new and improved products that are 100% safe and natural. All of their ingredients are derived from nature and I love how they combine the best of Ayurveda with the advanced pharmaceutical technology to bring forth such exceptional products that can be counted on by many women across the nation. My favourites list from Himalaya is neverending and you guys are already aware about some of the products that I swear by and have always spoken about them on my blog. This time around, I want to introduce to you all to one such exceptional range through this article called Himalaya Intimate Care Range For MOMS that is carefully crafted for all the moms or moms to be.

There are many intimate wash products in the market I am sure but how many are completely safe for women, especially for moms or for those who are expecting. We all know that a woman’s body goes through so many changes during pregnancy and also post-delivery. I love this great initiative by Himalaya to bring forth such an exceptional and well thought after Himalaya Intimate Care Range for moms that are completely safe and 100% secured and can be used by them without a worry in the world. I have personally seen how my mom ignored her health or prioritized our health over hers and I so wish something so innovative and thoughtful was available back then for her too. It is time we put expecting moms and mothers needs above everything else and pay close attention to their health as their body has already gone through enough.

That being said these three-star products are worth a check out if you are a mom or are expecting by Himalaya Intimate Range For MOMS :

  • Himalaya Intimate Care Intimate Wash For Moms – All these products are made keeping in mind the requirements and needs of moms and extra care has been taken towards making it 100% safe for pregnant women. It contains tea tree oil and pongamia oil which helps you to maintain vaginal hygiene. This intimate wash will also help moms to maintain the acidic pH balance of your intimate area. Make sure to not use soapy water at all since it is alkaline, it will disturb the vaginal pH balance. This is all in one as it takes care of the odour, irritation and itchiness.

  • Himalaya Intimate Care Intimate Wipes – This contains lavender oil and pongamia oil and it smells heavenly too. I think any girl can use it and I like to travel with these to ensure extra hygiene especially after using public loos. But if you are a mom or are expecting then these are specially made for you since they do not need water to be cleaned with later on and they are alcohol-free, completely mild and safe. Plus due to hormonal changes a woman’s body goes through many changes and the skin suffers the most. Right from dryness to itchiness and redness, these wipes will prove to be totally helpful.

  • Himalaya Intimate Care Nursing Wipes – This product ladies according to me is a true blessing in disguise. 100% safe and easy to use, these nursing wipes are specially designed with coconut oil that protects, cleans and softens your nipple area. Many a time, women tend to ignore this cleaning part since they always have so much work on their mind. I have myself seen it in my family and friends circle. But it is extremely important to take your post nursing cleaning routine seriously.

I know many of my readers are young mothers as I keep getting requests on all my handles for so many post-delivery hair loss, skin worries or other concerns and I sincerely hope this will answer your intimate care questions.

Feel free to write back to me on what was your experience using the  Himalaya Intimate Care Range.

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