Did You Know About Grown Diamonds From Fiona Solitaires?

Fiona Solitaires

Hello My Stunners! So as 2017 is about to end, I decided to bring for you all some amazing news for all my fellow diamonds lovers and enthusiasts, so that the New Year can start with a bang and bring you all that you wish for. Since Fiona Solitaires opened their third store in Mumbai at Kemps Corner (right under the flyover), I dropped by to check out their latest collection there. As usual, Fiona Solitaires is always known to up their game every single time when it comes to understanding the aesthetic of designing jewellery for different tastes and preferences and yet keeping that vast range.

This time around at their store I was introduced to another amazing concept, which I don’t think anyone else follows or has introduced in the country yet. It is called “Grown Diamonds” or “Lab-Grown Diamonds” or “Synthetic Diamonds” and Fiona Solitaires has introduced it for their customers.

Diamonds are one of the hardest natural materials found on the planet and they also are the best heat conductors. Those who know about the importance of cut, clarity and colour, know how important these factors are while making your final selection. The authenticity of the diamond lies in its clarity and that determines it’s quality. But what if I told you that you would get the exact same real and authentic diamonds which are grown in a lab, by artificially speeding up the process of turning coal into a diamond. Lab-grown diamonds are just as real & authentic as a natural diamond. They have the same clarity and shine and they cost way less. It’s just that they are artificially grown in a lab.

You know what the best part about lab-grown diamonds is? Well for starters, you won’t be able to tell the difference between the two diamonds. Whether you look through a standard microscope, use a loup or hold it against any light, you just WON’T be able to tell the difference. It sparkles just like your real mined diamond and is clear too. Only a special technology can tell the difference but that too under a supervision of a specialist. These lab-grown synthetic diamonds are just as authentic and real as your mined diamonds and these are made the right way in a lab under the supervision of many trained professionals.

The best part is that the diamond jewellery are so so affordable and they come in so many different styles, from your rings to complete sets for all occasions. I loved Fiona Solitaire’s grown diamonds range and I believe that these are definitely worth checking out. If you like any of the designs that I am wearing, then make sure to drop by at their newly launched Kemps Corner Store to get your hands on these beautiful pieces.

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Double thumbs up to Fiona for using the latest technology to bring forth affordable grown DIAMOND jewellery for us all. Isn’t the New Year going to be a HAPPY one already???

Check out the Grown Diamond collection online here

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  1. Love the beautiful designs that Fiona Solitaires has to offer. Will definitely try and visit the store .

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