The Big Fat Greek Fest at Glasshouse Hyatt Regency Mumbai

Greek Fest

Glasshouse at Hyatt Regency Mumbai has been hosting some of the most amazing dinners and brunches with themes that appeal to local as well as global patrons. This time around they decided to paint the entire Glasshouse in the shades of white and blue. Yes, you guessed it correct Hyatt Regency Mumbai introduced The Big Fat Greek Fest which is a week-long food festival. Talking about the iconic white and blue combination from Greece, other then this being the colours of their national flag, this also beautifully stands in sync with their light blue skies and deep blue seas.


A similar white and blue structure will welcome you right at the entrance of Glasshouse (Make sure to click your next perfect dp picture here.)

Meet the super talented Chef Stratos

We got to interact with the head Chef Stratos who has been specially flown down for the Big Fat Greek Fest Hyatt Regency Thessaloniki, Greece. Chef Stratos gave me a detailed overview and a peek into the Greek culture and their cuisines. You will be surprised to know that freshly made salads with authentic Greek cheese and other vegetable dishes are the speciality of the region.

The Dakos Salad was something so unique like most of the dishes in the Greek Fest
This Tzatziki / Cucumber Dip with Pita Bread was so refreshing
The Lentil soup with a Greek twist
Some Indian Grilled Chicken for those who like to have a bit of Indian food along with trying some new Greek Cuisine

So all you vegetarian fans are in for a big fat Greek feast. This logic also goes back to most of the villages in Greece even till date who have different kinds of vegetation grown in their gardens. So you can imagine the taste of freshly cooked veggies or freshly made salads topped with few key ingredients. Another secret to their quick and easy cooking is the 3 ingredients rule. Majority of the Greek cuisine has a hassle free 3 ingredient only recipe.



The Moussaka is a combination of eggplant, minced meat, and 2 different types of cheese. One of my favourites for the night.

Have a look at their vast Greek cuisine – Dakos Salad, Moussaka, Tzatziki, Melazunna, Bambiyas, Dolma and Taramas, Bourekakia, Spanakopitta, Lentils Soup and Chicken Soup with authentic Greek recipes. My favourite out of the lot were the crispy fried Calamari, Greek style Basa with lemon and olive oil, their Traditional Greek Salad and the Gakatoboureko (Cream Custard with Phyllo). Apart from this you could also select from their wide range of Greek grills or cold salads too. Make sure you definitely try out the following if you want an actual taste of the Greek sweet dishes – Baklava, Kataifi and Coucomades.


P.S. They are having a special Greek themed brunch this Sunday to make sure to make the most of Big Fat Greek Fest at Hyatt Regency Mumbai and book your table well in advance.

For reservations call 02266961624 or you can Book Online and get a 20% Discount on your Reservation 

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