The Grand Trunk Festival At Glasshouse, Hyatt Regency

My birthday month was super special and with Hyatt Regency deciding to kick off a super special culinary tale right on my birthday (16th August) itself, we were so looking forward to what they had to offer. Their Grand Trunk Festival was held at Glasshouse in Hyatt Regency Mumbai and the food fest consisted of some exceptional culinary recreations. The subcontinent’s longest highway moved right from Kabul to Lahore, Delhi, Amritsar, Awadh and making a final stop at Kolkata. It was a six days Festival that ended on 21st August. We were a part of the special preview right before the grand Sunday brunch at Glasshouse, Hyatt Regency. Let me take you guys through this memorable culinary tale, which we were a part of.


Chaas – Started off with one of my favourite cooling drinks that quench my soul.

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Chicken Paaya Soup – Chef highly recommends this and with a dash of lemon the taste is transformed into a zesty and tangy paaya soup. Don’t worry and go right ahead and dirty your hands licking those fingers as it is all worth it.

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Murg Ke Parche – Perfectly shallow fried chicken breasts, that are marinated overnight with gram flour, black pepper and garam masala for the flavour.

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Dal Makhani – Re-live the flavours of Punjab through some deliciously made Dal Makhani that is so close to maa ke haath ka bana khaana.

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Amritsari Chole – Authentic Amritsari Food in the form of “Amritsari Chole”. Try this for sure if you are tired of eating the same old routine food

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Gosht Ke Sule – Known as the very famous “Hunter’s Dish” from Jaipur. Your meal just wouldn’t be as grand if you give this dish a miss. Also known as laal maas ke sule in some regions.

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Crystal Chowka Murg Tikka – Another personal favourite authentic dish famous in the bylane sof Amritsar.

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Lavang-E-Murg – This is a chicken preparation in yoghurt and is one of the most sought after Afghani recipes. The chicken is cooked on simmer for such extravagant flavours.

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Chicken Biryani – Ended our Grand meal in style with Chicken Biryani, which was the highlight of the main course.

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Sheerkurma – Amongst the humongous varieties of desserts available, sheerkurma was my ultimate “meal ending in style partner”. Since they had covered a variety of cuisines, this delicacy, which is otherwise relished on Eids, was also included in the Grand Trunk Festival at Glasshouse, Hyatt Regency.


Fresh Jamun Ice-Cream – I have never really tasted what freshly squeezed frozen jamun really tastes like. This is like a crushed gola served in a bowl for you to enjoy. It is HEAVEN!!!!

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Let me know if there is any other delicacy/cuisine or the unexplored restaurant related to luxury dining which you would like me to cover. As for Hyatt Regency, we promise to take you on another delectable tour soon. Connect with them right here :

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