Salute To The Good Crusaders, Indrani Malkani Has All My Love!

Indrani Malkani

Hey all you go-getters, today’s post is slightly different than the usual ones and it is also very close to my heart. So let’s get to the main topic and talk about my important find for the day. I recently came across this amazing woman by a recent article covered on her by a leading daily. On reading up more and researching about her, I came to know she has also been selected as a “Good Crusader” by 100 Pipers India in their initiative to applaud the good in every individual. 

You can catch that video here – I am talking about a civic activist and a woman of substance Indrani Malkani who is famously known as “The Bus Lady”. She leads by example and her story is exceptionally inspiring.

One fine day, all the way back in 2002, Indraniji was sitting by her window in her house in Malabar Hill when she realized the grave importance of what the increase in vehicles on the road is doing to our noise and sound pollution levels. Whether it is in the quiet living areas or schools and old age homes, the non-stop honking and traffic was increasing at an alarming rate and it was a matter of concern for her as a parent and as a responsible citizen. She also stated an important incident when she noticed school kids requesting their parents to drop them off away from the school gate so that their classmates do not get to see which car they own. She was astonished by these incidents of kids having such an inferiority complex at such a young age and parents supporting their decision instead of explaining to them. That is when Indrani Malkani came up with a visionary idea of eradicating all differences from this society and also tackle the problem of increasing vehicles around the school and in our city Mumbai.

Indrani Malkani

This was her solution – to transport different students to their schools would take a minimum of 700 cars or 40 buses. One bus carries 45 students and that immediately cut down on the number of vehicles on road. In 2002 she kick-started the first ever integrated school bus service by hiring various contractors and making the schools follow a streamlined, secured and safe school bus service. Apart from decongesting the roads, the model school bus scheme also turned out to be a social leveler.

In July 2008, the government decided to salute Indrani Malkani spirit by adopting her model as the official working paper to formulate the state policy, which was published on March 22, 2011 through a government resolution. This kind of selfless initiative, which went on to become a state policy requires lots of hard work, dedication and self-belief. Hats off to Indrani Malkani for leading us by example.

100 Pipers India through this one of a kind initiative salutes the Good Crusaders of our society by appreciating their efforts and their kind deeds put in for a cause towards uplifting this society and making it a much better place. I came to know about so many heroes who still give us the hope of holding on to the good in each and every one of us.   

I leave you all with this thoughtful quote by Margaret Mead – “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has”.

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