What do Fragrances at Home say About Your Personality ?

Do you enjoy a particular type of fragrance or air freshener in your home? Are you someone that likes to try out different types of scents or do you stick to one air freshener spray? Have you ever thought that the fragrance you enjoy at home suggests something about the way you carry yourself as a person? Here you can learn about what your fragrance says about your personality and how to pick the right one for you.

Rich Irish Cocktail: The Strong Individual

The rich Irish cocktail is one that stands out and will resonate with your individuality. You will enjoy a deep, rich fragrance like the rich Irish cocktail if you have a strong personality. A spicier approach to life and adventure is on the cards with this fragrance.

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Bright Tangy Delight: The Social Butterfly

Surprise yourself with a fragrance to match your bright, colorful and fun personality. This fragrance is for those that love to entertain and mingle. Since you have a personality that loves to be social, this fragrance will bring out the best in you. Without a doubt, you’ll warm hearts and add a pinch of sweetness to your surroundings with this fragrance.

Godrej Aer fragrances

Petal Crush Pink: The Sensual Female

You are probably more lady-like and prefer a more feminine approach. Bring out the girly and chic fragrance that you desire with the petal crush pink freshener.  You will begin to ignite feelings of romance, and a passion for love. Quite simply, if you like to be noticed and desired, this fragrance is for you.

Godrej Aer fragrances

Fresh Lush Green: The Natural

Simply said, you love to be sporty, outgoing, casual and you go-with-the-flow. The Fresh Lush Green is your fragrance match if you are free-spirited. Bring a bit of the great outdoors in with this natural fragrance.

Godrej Aer fragrances

Musk After Smoke: The Day Dreamer

This fragrance is the right one if you love to daydream. It matches your laid-back, free-spirited attitude and personality that loves to have a good time. You love being creative and getting lost in a good book and this fragrance will help you relax and unwind.

Cool Surf Blue: The Head turner

You love to be the center of attraction and be different. Show off your devilish charm and strong personality with this fragrance. This fragrance brings out that feeling of summer fun and clear skies. It’s got a simple, clean and welcoming fragrance that projects summer fun! You’ll love it.

Godrej Aer fragrances

Try the Godrej Aer fragrances which are simply the best smelling air fresheners for your home. Choose the fragrance that best defines you and your personality.

Wanna Know What Fragrances At Your Homes Tell About Your Personality?

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