New Found Goa Love – The Chikoo Tree Project

The Chikoo Tree Project

Ever been to South Goa and longed for that one place where you turn the pages of your favorite novel with some delicious comfort food right by your side from different parts of the country? Well, your search ends right here my friend!! I was first introduced to The Chikoo Tree Project through Instagram stories of a wanderer friend and the interiors are what caught my attention.

This is a quaint café / restaurant in Margao (South Goa), you can cycle it down from Planet Hollywood Goa or Park Hyatt Resort as the paths that lead here are so scenic, not to forget the old colourful homes on both sides. Imagine in the midst of heaven, you find your own solace, that special place that re-kindles your best childhood memories through their menu and the interiors. The interiors contain pieces that are designed and crafted by themselves or are the arts of close friends. P.S. – I loved the drawings hung up on the wall by the cafe owner’s son.

Their menu is what sets them apart. Imagine having a traditional Thukpa or completely made from scratch Ragi Dosa in Goa which reminds you of the dishes that you might have tasted during your travels with family friends that reside in different parts of the country. Their food doesn’t taste like the typical restaurant food at all.

The Chikoo Tree Project with Trupti Wesley

The owners have put their hearts and souls in this baby The Chikoo Tree Project which in turn has already become South Goa’s most loved destination by people across all age-groups. I as a person am pulled by nothing but WARMTH and trust me, this place owned by Trupti Wesley & Anand Chatterjee, the staff members, the ambiance and every small aspect about this place will make you feel special in a unique way. When the goal is to bring healthy, nutritious yet tasty food to travelers and locals that want to experiment with different cuisines with a twist, one cannot go wrong with the idea at all. The Chikoo Tree Project was inspired and germinated by the ever-flourishing “Chikoo Tree” that still stands tall in Trupti’s grandma’s garden. This is what inspired her to take the plunge from a flourishing hotel career to her own café that brings comfort food in the form of LOVE SERVED ON A PLATTER!! This café is as giving just as the fruit of the chikoo tree. I love the idea of self-belief and self-drive, since it brings out your best qualities and the outcomes are for everyone to see. Being a total foodie, she loves to add her own spin to each and every dish that is served here.

The Chikoo Tree Project

The Chikoo Tree Project

The Chikoo Tree Project

We tried the highly recommended – Ragi Chicken Dosa with Kerala Style Coconut Stew, Hasselback Potatoes which is a grand side dish and you get to choose the filling, Bengali style fish curry with Kasundi onion salad which is the most traditional curry prepared in every household in Kolkata. The Ragi Dosa was fluffy from the outside yet perfectly crispy with every bite that we took.

The Chikoo Tree Project

Homemade Ginger Ale and Iced Jaggery Coffee are a great combo with the food we ordered. Trupti makes her own fresh soda at the café and that is one of the reasons why her Ginger Ale actually has a deep rounded flavour which is a must-have after a long day. Don’t forget to try this zingy homemade cooler the next time you are holidaying in Goa.

The Chikoo Tree Project

Banofie Pie & The Ice-Cream Man (Goan Brand, that you can relish at The Chikoo Tree Project) ice cream was so amazing that we started planning on how do we transport these back to the bay. J Each and every dish / drink has a story to tell about our rich cultures and heritage. Imagine a trip down their memory lane with some of the best cuisines being served to us right from Nepali to South – Mysore, Bengali & more!!!

The Chikoo Tree Project - The Ice Cream Man
OMG!! these were just amazing 🙂

The 1st floor is equipped with books to board games right at your disposal with quieter corners. They also support talents of all kinds right from dancing to cooking, photography to acting and they provide individuals with a platform to exhibit their art. Food With Some Meaning, no???

Now comes the best part – You can drop by with your pets and get them a specially whipped menu just as they like!! Reasonable, delectable & totally WORTH IT!! This has been by far our most favourite café / restaurant in GOA.

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