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Those of you who have followed through my last blog post about #FutureOfJobs initiative already know about this in detail and how Future Of Jobs is all set to make jobs creation the ultimate growth factor for the economy as a whole. In case you missed out this that blog post, click here to stay up to date with the information – (

This time around they decided to make it more interesting and appealing to each and every individual like you and me as we too can be participants by simply clicking the Future Of Jobs link and commenting on whether you stand with the technology or against it?

Here’s the link to Participate in the Debate

So this time around the contest is centered around the debate of Automation and if Technology will help generate jobs in a country like India or adversely affect the job market. Expert opinions say that the future of India is dependent on developing competitive advantages across industries. As we look to create jobs, low-cost labor will provide a short-term benefit, but long-term job creation will come from having sustainable and scalable advantages across industries. Technology is a massive enabler of competitive advantage. It is impacting industries from retail to media to manufacturing. India needs to create jobs that leverage technology to redefining sectors and thereby enable us to compete globally on quality and price.

Working with Technology will go hand in hand with progress. In India, robots and automation have only eliminated physical tasks and definitely for the sake of efficiency and productivity, we need to eliminate physical tasks. These would create more jobs in the design thinking area, troubleshooting area and the decision-making areas. Automation would result in created more jobs than it has destroyed. The conclusion is unremittingly cheerful: rather than destroying jobs, technology has been a great job-creating machine.

The other side of this debate is that in a country like India which has a huge labor force, Automation would cause huge loss of jobs for Indians. According to a study at Oxford University, nearly half of U.S. jobs are at risk of computerization. 45% of Americans occupations will be automated away over the next two decades. Basic graduates will have a hard time securing dignified jobs in future as most of the jobs at the entry & mid-level will be replaced by automation. Automation is hitting every industry and there are no exceptions. Even the Govt. of India today is promoting Make in India however at the same time it is also promoting Digital India, which means ‘digitization of processes’ which is in way opening doors for automation.

There are Pros and cons to both sides of the argument. While I feel Technology is the way forward, unless Indians get more and more into upgradations in skills, learning the state of the art that is happening, and more into IT and its ancillary services, there will be a death of jobs for the unskilled and the semi-skilled. Hence the challenge of the hour is to upgrade skills, learn from the developed countries of new advancement and prepare itself for the economy of the future. What is your opinion on this matter?

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