Why Am I Head Over Heels The Fusion Secrets Blends By Swiss Tempelle

I keep talking about the integral part of Skin Care and overall women’s wellness be it through my blog, my channels or through the sessions that I take for few brands as a beauty and style coach. To get a beautiful exterior it needs to start from within. You need to be at peace with yourself, give your body the time to relax and rejuvenate and to take a chill time all for yourself once in a while. For us women just one day isn’t enough to take care of ourselves, it’s a process that has to be followed through by inculcating healthy habits, starting from your sleep pattern, water intake, exercising and relaxing once in a while. On this International Women’s Day I was really touched when Swiss Tempelle decided to surprise me with a thoughtfully crafted hamper and thanks to them I realized how important it is to pause and look after myself before I do that for anyone else.

On reading up and researching about Swiss Tempelle I found out that for them, as a brand how important is that people balance their inner self. They are on a mission to help us achieve just that. Be it that bath range or skin range, Swiss Tempelle believes in bringing forth products that help us deal with the stressful environment around us with their innovative “Fusion Secrets” blends that combine the best of two worlds – Our Indian origin and the best kept Swiss secret ingredients. Swiss are known to use the nature’s best-kept secrets and use them to include in your daily routine for different purposes. Swiss Tempelle finally decided to reveal these concoctions that are derived using what nature has to offer.

These are the two products, which I tried out and I have been using them for the last 2 weeks:

Swiss Tempelle Refreshing Summer Lotion (Khus & Sage) –

You get the option to select between nourishing body lotion, whitening body lotion and then the refreshing body lotion, which I am reviewing. This Swiss Tempelle Refreshing Body Lotion contains the concoction of khus and sage leaves, which make it an ideal summer lotion for all the hot and humid days ahead. The lotion is non-greasy and is ideal for all skin types. I like how soft and replenished my skin feels post using this product and the mild lingering fragrance takes me to the Swiss Alps blanketed in snow. This is our only choice ladies to be transported to one of the most romantic and adventurous places in the world.

Swiss Tempelle Indulging Body Wash (Lotus & Alpine Rose) –

In their bath range, other than having options for both men and women, they also have decided to go one step further and narrow down the options to carefully crafted indulging and purifying body washes. I decided to opt for the indulging lotus and alpine rose body wash, which has been crafted combining the moisturizing Swiss ingredient along with the restorative Indian essence. After using it for 2 weeks I can easily say that I am hooked to this Swiss Tempelle product. Especially the refreshing element combined with a deep nourishing and moisturizing effect on your skin, makes this a must have to start your day and to end your end on a perfect note.

If you guys have liked these newly launched products by Swiss Tempelle and you loved the one of a kind fusion of two ingredients, then stick around and stay glued to my Instagram as I have a big surprise for you all!!!

P.S. – We want to share this goodness with you!!!! In the meantime can you guess what the surprise is??

These products can now be purchased from Amazon, Nykaa & Big Bazaar.

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