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I’m sure by now all of you guys know about the Music Launch of Jugni The Film which took place in Mumbai in the presence of the entire starcast, crew and the music team. I was and I still am a big fan of the song “Dugg Duggi Dugg” from the film, which will set any traveller’s heart racing. None other than Mr. Vishal Bhardwaj has sung it and I am sure it will instantly become your travel companion too right from the very first time you hear it. And talking about travel, Jugni did a special collaboration with TUI India where the largest travel portal in the universe became the official travel partner of the film.

TUI India 2

TUI India 3

It was so great being a part of this chatting up session with the starcast of Jugni at TUI Café in Bandra, Mumbai. All of us got to share our very own #TravelTales which we have been a part of and those that we have been longing for. Both Sugandha and Siddhanth had some interesting travel tales to share with us while they shot for Jugni. Since travel is an integral part of the film, TUI India fits in perfectly. The film has depicted some of the most gorgeous locations from the heartland of our country. I’m sure you guys can tell their travel excitement by watching what the starcast had to say right here.

As you saw in the video too, I would love to take a road trip to Leh Ladakh in the coldest possible month of the year (Yes, I loveee cold places). That’s how my #TravelTalesWithTUI should be and it’s about time I plan this one right away with TUI India, what say peeps?? If travel interests you too and if you have a secret destination that you always wanted to visit, then you should be contacting TUI right away. Also, make sure to participate in the #TravelTalesWithTUI Contest right away and you might be the lucky one who gets to be a part of the premiere of Jugni. Imagine getting to watch the film with the most fun loving and travel friendly duo.

Click here to participate in the Travel Tales With TUI India Contest

Also, both Sugandha and Siddhanth have a special message for the traveller that resides in each and every one of us. Have a look

I would like to end this beautiful discussion that I had with the starcast of Jugni on #TravelTalesWithTUI with the line that says it all – “Discover Your Smile!!!”, as rightly put by TUI. The film releases on 22nd Jan 2016 and the contest #TravelTalesWithTUI is on till 3rd Jan 2016, so HURRY!!!!!

Make sure to follow them across all their handles, as they will be releasing few more songs from it’s extraordinary album soon.

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