The reason why I am in love with Star Trek Beyond just a little bit more then the other films is because this one completes the series and makes it whole. This film also is a clear extension of all the previous movies. JJ Abrams rebooted Star Trek series is a classic masterpiece and has definitely cut across all age groups. The mega blockbusters like Star Trek (2009) and Into Darkness (2013) have a common thing between them that is a perfect cast and fine action. Star Trek Beyond is actually the first film not to be directed by Abrams and yet it completely justifies its title, takes the audience by surprise and in return has proven to be a blockbuster this season.

Star Trek Beyond (4)

The movie starts with an upbeat energy and you learn about their five-year mission, which has the enterprise dealing with drudgery of space exploration when Kirk (Chris Pine) decides to dock at a space station at his entire crew. It is here that they come to know about a ship in Nebula, which cannot be found or reached as that is stranded. Now comes the movies most visually appealing and glued to your seats sequence wherein the enterprise is attacked sneakily. Director Justin Lin who is a well-known name from the Fast & Furious franchise does an absolutely gripping work directing Star Trek Beyond. He has emphasized and smartly placed Mr. Spock (Zachary Quinto) and Mr. McCoy (Karl Urban) in such situational bicker that you get to experience the admittance of their fondness for each other.


Star Trek Beyond is a solid punch of youthful entertainment, which is sincere, sweet and downright inspiring. I strongly feel that Star Trek Beyond have a driving strength that its too reboot predecessors lacked. You are definitely going to enjoy this movie as a whole as a complete package since it focuses on the larger trek ensemble instead of just revolving around Kirk ad his relationships. You know that something exciting awaits you in the theatres. If you are a fan of Star Trek or just a plain Sci-fi film I highly recommend you check it out.

Star Trek Beyond (1)

Star Trek Beyond (2)

Also the marketing of the film has been done in a very unique way where they actually had a spaceship fly around in a Mall which was very cool and really something new as far marketing strategies go. I hope they keep doing such innovative stuff in the future as it is best way to grab attention.

My Rating for the Film is a Solid Star 4

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