Why You Can’t Miss The World Television Premiere of Dear Zindagi on 23rd April at 12 PM on Zee Cinema

Dear Zindagi has to be hands down my favourite film of the year and I don’t think any other Bollywood film has led to so many deep and meaningful conversations be it with friends or family. I cannot contain my excitement now that I am getting to watch my favourite film once again and this time from my bedroom as it is all set for a World Television Premiere on 23rd April at 12 p.m. on Zee Cinema.

What better way to spend your Sunday than this right?? A film that supports and talks about some of the most crucial issues that we all have been facing for years and years and now we can together as a family watch the film and talk openly about problems we all face. I am all set to watch it in our own homes on a 24 x 7 Hindi movies channel, which has been our go to channel for Bollywood movies. I remember how after school, mom allowed me to watch few hours of movies on Zee Cinema as it was India’s first ever 24 x 7 movies channel which even today boasts of having 3500 + movies that have made a mark in the history of Cinema.

The World Television Premiere of Dear Zindagi on 23rd April at 12 PM on Zee Cinema

My date is set for 23rd of April with my favourite people and an early luncheon as we all embrace life with “Dear Zindagi” sharp at 12 p.m. on Zee Cinema. In case you have missed out on the film and are wondering if you should catch the World Television Premiere or no, then here’s why you need to grab that popcorn tub right away and save the date :

This isn’t your typical Bollywood flick where it is all about girl meets guy and they rebel against the world. This movie is a masterpiece as it is relatable and real.

This film talks about dealing with depression by talking about it with people you trust and then finding solutions rather than frowning upon the topic.

If you think Gauri Shinde as a director did wonders with English Vinglish, then wait till you watch Dear Zindagi.

Have you ever felt very happy from the outside but deep down every breath is a struggle? This film is a ray of hope for every individual.

Youngsters believe in bottling up their emotions or they think crying is uncool right? Let Dear Zindagi give you a refreshing take on life and show you how YOU can overcome your challenges.

LOVE LIFE!!!!! Watch it just as a celebration of you and your loved ones being alive.

Kaira (Alia Bhatt) and Dr. Jehangir Khan (Shahrukh Khan) have outdone themselves with their performances.

I give Dear Zindagi a definitive 

Dear Zindagi Shahrukh Khan Dr. Jehangir

While growing up, I knew friends who were the happiest souls you will ever find but it would take them a second to go from happy to sad and worried. Sometimes, we think life is all-perfect how they show in the movies, but the truth is NO ONE teaches us how to face the REALITY, and we forget to live a little. Life isn’t perfect at all and all of us have our own set of worries and baggage that brings us down. What’s important is to open up, discuss your heart out with the people you trust and find solutions rather than running away from confrontations. DEAR ZINDAGI is for everyone who believes in breaking free and for everyone who is looking for that silver lining.


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