Top 10 Reasons To Catch FITOOR Today!

Love is in the air already, especially with Valentine’s Day round the corner and Utv Motion Pictures gives you enough reasons to watch Fitoor today itself with your loved ones. I saw the film tonight and as we all know already, it is an adaptation of Charles Dickens’ novel ‘Great Expectations’. I was glued to my seat and fell in love with this poetic journey in the first half itself. Abhishek Kapoor has shouldered the responsibilities of this adaptation where even Hollywood didn’t quite meet up to.

Watch the trailer for Fitoor here

Without taking too much time and keeping the uniqueness alive and kicking.

Here’s listing my top 10 personal hit reasons for catching Fitoor today itself in a theatre near you :

  1. A stirring love story – At times like these, comes a love story that stirs so many emotions within you, and it is the most purest and rarest form of love that will exist for the years to come. You want to be a part of this innocent love that exists between Noor and Firdaus.
  2. Katrina Kaif’s red mane – Boy oh boy!!! Katrina sizzled the silver screen like a fairy herself walking on the snow-capped lands of Kashmir. The scene where she is seen running towards Aditya in white is just so ethereal and a total visual delight.

    Fitoor The Movie (3)
    The Picturesque Kashmir in Fitoor
  3. Picturesque Kashmir – Set against the backdrop of such a heavenly location in Kashmir, mixed with some emotions, epitomizes the colour red and the variations of weather too making each frame like a painting.
  4. Poetic Story – Have you ever felt like a particular film is as beautiful as a poetry that your heart holds dear to?? Well, this film is surely going to take you through, love, life and loss in the most majestic yet believable story telling possible in a poetic way.
  5. Tabu is a treat & how – I really didn’t know that one could hate and love a character at the same time. Tabu has to be a trump card in the film and she plays Begum’s role with such finesse and style. I don’t think anyone else would have done so much justice to her character, the way she portrayed the role. She will be the intriguing factor right from the first half of Fitoor leading right upto the end.Fitoor The Movie (1)
  6. Adi & Kat’s Chemistry – Noor and Firdaus’s characters have been brought to life and made me ponder, skip a beat and feel the essence of such raw and pure love only due to such a strong chemistry between Aditya Roy Kapur and Katrina Kaif. They’ll make you lean on to his shoulder for sure.
  7. Dialogues are to die for – The yearning to want more and to feel what every lover feels is something, isn’t it? Top this with some mesmerizing dialogues by the star cast. My most favourite one was when Noor says – “Qaid kar liya tumhein Firdaus Jaan Naqvi.” To which Firdaus replies – “Mujhe toh laga tum azaad karoge”.
  8. Ajay Devgn – He plays a small but an important cameo. He just needs those two minutes to make you feel his agony, his pain and think about his life story. All this in such a short span is really impressive.
  9. Impressive twists and turns – Well if you also have read the Great Expectations, then you’re gonna love every bit of these twists and turns that are going to make you want to be at the edge of your seat right till the end.Fitoor The Movie
  10. Make it a Date – This Valentine’s Day, love has set aside a date for you already in the cutest and definitely in the most memorable form. Love, believe, fight and strive for LOVE!!

Afterall, “Ye ishq nahi aasan…. Ya toh dooboge ya tairke nikloge!

Make sure to check out Fitoor at a theater near you.

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