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Last two weeks have had me hop-skipping from one end of the town to the other for events, launches, look shoots and meetings, lots of meetings (You know it already since the number of articles out on my website have doubled). I love every bit of this part of my blogging world as it lets me be ME and also allows me to bring something unique every single time for you guys. With all the happenings in my life and around it, I donot remember when was the last time I stepped into a spa to unwind and relax without my phone buzzing or without my fingers running through different means of social interactions. That’s what happens to a social media junkie, but my tired hands and feet deserve every bit of special care once in a while and that too the apt one. Don’t we all need a perfect afternoon of escape into the lap of trustworthy pampering? Luckily for us, Nail Spa Experience (across all their outlets) have put together some special services for a revived you.

Nail Spa Experience (9)Nail Spa Experience (14)

How elated I am while typing this post as just by glancing through these pictures is making me wanting to go back to Nail Spa Experience like right now. So I spent few relaxed hours at Nail Spa Experience few days back near their Mahalaxmi Temple, Breach Candy Outlet. Firstly the ambience is so warm and loving topped with such happy-go-lucky smiley faces of all their staff members. Within 2 minutes of glancing through their recently added services specifically keeping in mind the festivities, I opted for the “Nature Fusion Manicure”, “Nature Fusion Pedicure” and some shimmery nail art to get into the festive mood!! I found just the name to be so relaxing and I prefer products which are as natural as possible and with nature fusion mani-pedi one can be fully assured of two things – Natural based products and thorough moisturizing to your skin.

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Rakeshand Sushmawere the experts who helped me get the most relaxing, reviving and rejuvenating Nature Fusion manicure-pedicure there ever exists. Also these two, like the entire team at the Nail Spa Experience branch have been there since the inception of the outlet. Ain’t that something cool?? This happens only when you love your art passionately and the brand gives you wings to fly!!! I love these vibes totally 🙂

Nail Spa Experience (1)

As you can see me sitting so lost in my own world with the back massaging chair working its wonders on me right till my neck. Rakesh and Sushma started with the cleaning process with thorough moisturizing and washing my feet and hands. Post dipping them under hot water, removing dead cells, cuticles and wiping them squeaky clean, they massaged them with some special oils which can put you to sleep like a baby (P.S. – Turn your mobiles off for a truly blissful experience). Trusting the right reflexology technique and letting the right, experienced masseuse, free those pressure points of all the stress we put our hands, feet and body through, is really a task. But you know it from the very beginning that you are in good hands when you have stepped inside the Nail Spa Experience. Every step of the way both Rakesh and Sushma were enquiring if the water was too hot or if the pressure was fine, using products which work wonders with my super sensitive skin and making sure I am sipping away to bliss through my green tea. Post which they applied a special natural scrub which smells like heaven and it removes your dead skin, takes care of the dryness and adds a supple baby soft texture to your skin.

Nail Spa Experience (4)

You’ll see the difference for yourself within seconds. After a good scrub, they have a mud mask for both the hands and feet which not only thoroughly moisturizes your skin but also removes the tan since our hands and feet are the ones always exposed to the sun at all times and it’s a known fact we don’t give them as much attention as we give to our face. It is equally important to do so and with Nail Spa Experience coming to your rescue, atleast you know your in great hands.

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Nail Spa Experience (6)

Post mud mask application they covered my hands and feet in a cellophane cover and left it on for 10 mins. Once it was washed away, I really couldn’t stop staring at them. They felt so much hydrated, my skin felt firmer and relieved of all the tan. It was truly a blissful one hour!!!

Nail Spa Experience (7)

Post that, I headed for my shimmery nail-art with Shalaka. She has again been with Nail Spa Experience since the time they started the branch there and the que for appointments with her is unending. I was lucky enough to get her to do my nails. Don’t they look absolutely gorgeous??? I will be flooding few upcoming look posts with these super chic nails. This deep pink colour is from Nubar, called Caribbean Coral nail paint and I opted for white and golden shimmer nail-art for two nails on each hand as that adds just the necessary contrast while still keeping my festive look alive and kicking. Shalaka has done such a fab job from start to end and gave my nails the head turner look.

Nail Spa Experience (8)

Nail Spa Experience (18)

Nail Spa Experience (10)Nail Spa Experience (13)

My only brief was to go for a little bolder shades but with subtle hues to give these nails a shimmery touch. I came out of there smiling, rejuvenated and happy from the inside.. Time to decide when I am going there next right away!!

The Awesome Team at Nail Spa Experience
The Awesome Team at Nail Spa Experience

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