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Well, let me start by saying summers do bring out my yearning for some soulful music for the ears… This look of mine is thoroughly inspired by “Bob Marley’s” Sunshine Reggae; which I was introduced to when one of the seniors in my school performed on this song. Oh, it has just the perfect mix of strength with ease bundled with loads of positivity. It indeed is true that when you personally experience some pain, only then you value all the little things around even more than you ever did before. Lessons in our learning!!!!!!

This look of mine is drenched in positivity, smiles, sunshine, love for mother nature, comfort, simplicity & above all welcome summer with open arms. We need to take it easy at times, smile, feel happy and let it be shown through what we wear as well.


White jeggings can be paired with almost any top, which your heart desires. I have chosen to team this up with a baby pink singlet & a crop top which has a self brasso print with white portion at the back and an array of colours in the front. This has been hand-picked by me to highlight my mood and symbolize the usual chirpy and colourful me. The hues of pink, red, yellow & green on my top for me stand for the Sunshine Reggae, the traveller and the explorer in me. This season for the daily office wear or for your girl time, go for a more soothing white mixed with the right colour & an added hint of contrast too if you prefer. I have used a small sized pink stone ring to be placed near my nail for a little funk!



I have chosen suede dark green ballerinas which add that earthy look to my overall apparel. Most importantly how can I ever forget my over sized Sunnies from “BOGA” Accessories, which are a definite must have this Summer. I am sporting here a dark brown animal printed border glares which not only give me instant relief from the harsh sun, but a trick here ladies is – It also helps me cover my eyes without going to that extra trouble of eye-make up which can be a hindrance in this scorching heat. Personally, I feel Boga has exceptionally conventional & high couture accessories which otherwise are not available early in the market or are not in stock. This is one heck of a place to stay updated with fashion!!!!

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Oh, yes!! How could I complete my look without carrying another essential must have – A very quirky and stylish “BOGA” Bag that isn’t too bulky and is a lighter shade depending on my top preference. Since I have picked a colourful crop top, I have opted for a light apricot shade breathable looking bag which is the perfect summer pick for all you ladies. It has an additional sling bag inside for the even more casual get-together. The cut work on the bag is the “HIGHLIGHT” for me, since it stands out in the entire look. It’s a head turner isn’t it???

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Well you can get both the bag & the glares in the colours preferred by you girls from none other than “BOGA” accessories.


I’ll end it with Bob Marley’s lyrics (As it dramatically plays in the background too as I type…. YES, it does!!!!!) –


“We got a message for you…

Sunshine Sunshine Reggae!

Don’t Worry, Don’t Hurry, take it easy…

Sunshine Sunshine Reggae!

Let the good vibes get a lot stronger,

Give me, give me, give me just a little smile

That’s all I ask of YOU!!!!!!”


Photography by – Salman Merchant


My Look –

White Jeggings – Vero Moda

Baby Pink Singlet – Vero Moda

Crop Top – Try Me, Bandra

Pink stone ring – Via Jewellery

Suede Sandals – Local boutique in Mumbai

Animal Printed Glares – Boga Accessories

Apricot colored Bag – Boga Accessories

Here are the links of the official pages of Boga from which you girls can buy & select form a wide range of accessories for your perfect summer chic look :-

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  1. Such dynamic and lively outfit!!! Really like the way you are carrying the outfit along with the beautiful cut work bag. The dark brown sunglasses make the entire getup so much more fabulous…

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